The Benefits of Having a Business Travel Companion


Here we will go over the benefits of having a business travel companion.

Business trips should be an exciting experience, but traveling alone can diminish a person’s enthusiasm. Most people prefer to share their travel journeys with loved ones because they hate to see them miss out.

Luckily, most companies don’t mind if you bring someone along because they understand the benefits of having a travel companion. 

Let’s jump right in!

You Can Make the Most of Your Money

Corporate travel is expensive. The hotels, meals, transportation, and activity costs add up fast, and many employees cover these expenses upfront to reimbursed.

Since you are paying for all these expenses, you might as well make the most of your money by turning the trip into one of leisure. You can easily turn your business travel into a family vacation or friendly getaway by bringing some loved ones along.

Since hotels, meals, activities, etc. are so expensive, it only makes sense that you would bring someone along so empty hotel beds and taxi seats don’t go to waste.

Share the Experience While Combating Loneliness

For many people, business travel can get lonely, especially when the trips are frequent. If you often find yourself wishing there was someone with you while away on business, you should consider bringing a friend or family member on your next trip.

Corporate travel often only includes a few activities that are spread among multiple days, leaving plenty of time for exploration. Furthermore, most business trips are located in popular tourist destinations. Bringing a companion also lets you share your travel experience with others. 

Bringing someone doesn’t mean you have to go out and tour the city; you can stay inside working the entire time if that’s what the trip demands. Sometimes, you just need to have someone in your presence to talk to from time to time.

There is Safety in Numbers

When it comes to the threat of most potentially dangerous situations, having another person with you can keep you safe. Thieves, scammers, and assaulters are far more likely to target someone alone as opposed to someone with a friend or in a group.

Unfortunately, tourist-targeted scams are common, especially in locations that attract individuals who don’t speak the area’s native language.

Common scams include situations such as:

  • A business owner lying about pricing.
  • A citizen trading your currency incorrectly.
  • A citizen creates a distraction while another steals your belongings.

In many places, you must be on high alert at all times to stay safe. Having a companion with you, lets you relax a bit and less likely to be targeted.

Streamlines Your Trip

Some business trips offer an open schedule filled with free time, and others are packed full of meetings, dinners, conferences, and more. When your travel plans consist mainly of busy days, having a companion there can come in handy.

Generally, you might assume that bringing a friend or family member on a trip would primarily be for social and entertainment reasons. However, many corporate travelers will bring a spouse or friend so they can have an assistant there to help lighten their workload. 

Of course, your companion can’t complete your actual work, but they can do your laundry, pick up your meals, go shopping, make reservations, and do other tasks that take time away from your productivity.

You Can Have a Caretaker

Sometimes you need to bring a companion because you already have smaller companions like children and pets that need to be taken care of during your trip.

Many people bring their kids and pets with them on long business trips because it is hard to be away from loved ones for extended periods. The issue is that you can’t bring your children or pets to meet an important client, and you certainly can’t leave them at the hotel. This is where hiring a companion becomes beneficial.

You can hire a sitter or nanny to attend your trip and help care for your little travel partners. The individual you hire can do things like take your dog for walks, kids out on adventures to explore the area, and serve everyone dinner. Learn more about paid companions at


Corporate travel offers employees an opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, and advance their careers. Unfortunately, traveling alone can make these opportunities less exciting.

If your employer doesn’t mind, consider bringing a companion along on the journey. Having a travel companion helps you make the most of your money, combat loneliness, remain safe, get your work done, and take care of your children or pets.

If you choose to have a companion accompany you, be sure to check your corporate travel policy for related rules and guidelines. Additionally, have a conversation with your guests about what you expect from them.

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