11 Superb Celebrity Music Video Appearances In Hollywood

Celebrity Music Video Appearances

11 Celebrity Music Video Appearances

It is frequently funny to see movies or TV actors, rarely over and perform music recordings. Yet some big-name celebrities appearances are extremely unforgettable.

There is a long convention of famous performing artists showing up in music recordings. Which is nearly as old as the class itself? Occasionally it is only a brief but significant appearance while different times they may upstage the music artist and turn into the main point of concentration. The Jake Gyllenhaal’s appearance in Giving Up the Gun to Christie Brinkley’s notable role in Uptown Girl. These celebrities stole the show.

Just One of the Guys: Anne Hathaway, Brie Larson, and Kristen Stewart in Jenny Lewis

For what reason would somebody cast the lovely film stars in a music video, and after that place them in drag. Possibly in light of the fact that it’s entertaining. Jenny Lewis in this video for 2014 song. Just One of the Guys, the celebrities perform individuals from Lewis’ all-female band who connect with their masculine side, notwithstanding donning mustaches.

Weapon of Choice, Christopher Walken

The film industry Hollywood Christopher Walken appears us all how it is done slim’s Weapon Choice. Anyhow, we direct not to strive various o these at the club. Especially the flying part gave some controversy when a transgender lady criticizes Arcade Fire on social media like Twitter for utilizing Garfield rather than a transgender actor.

Hero, Jennifer Love Hewitt in Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias has a past filled with utilizing celebrity music video appearances in his music recordings, adding the 2001 video for his famous music. Which highlights significant making out with it youngster of the era. Jennifer Love Hewitt whose character run away with him.

Yet, it’s not all adore Iglesias’ character battles with a gangster depicted by Mickey Rourke. The piece performs like a classic macho until the hero is basically gunned down. It’s a memorable moment that celebrity music video appearances in Hollywood.

We Exist, Andrew Garfield in Arcade Fire

This is another video including a cross-dressing celebrity. Yet with increasingly social discourse. The song by Arcade Fire gives a compelling message about self-strengthening. Andrew Garfield performs a transgender woman who is assault by a drunk at a bar. Garfield’s character stunningly safe himself and is then looked at Arcade Fire’s Coachella show striking pose to their music.

Bad Boy For Life, Ben Stiller in P. Diddy

This elegant star 2001 video about society conflicts includes appearances by rappers Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube just as far as Mike Tyson legendry and Shaquille O’Neal. Moreover, Ben Stiller truly emerges as Diddy’s straitlaced, rural neighbor who comes by to criticize about golf balls being beat through his window yet then confirm for a call to Diddy’s coming wild gathering.

Dance In The Dark, Courteney Cox in Bruce Springsteen

The video of Bruce Springsteen, in 1984 filmed at one of his shows, is most remarkable for allocation in as Courteney Cox’s the program breakthrough. The non-famous 20-year-old  pull in front of an audience by The Boss and hit a dance floor with him as he performed his hit song Moving in the Dark. After her emergence in the video, shortly Cox landed as a guest character on TV series and the rest is history.

Make Some Noise, Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood Danny and McBride in Beastie Boys

Beastie Boys the music video for 2011 song Make Some Noise. Includes a long and mixed list of big-name celebrities including, Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood Danny, and McBride. Who perform more youthful versions of the bandmates. Matthew Perpetua of Rolling Stone stated Elijah Wood’s performance specifically is stunning. He really embodies the silly energy of the youthful Ad-Rock.

Surrendering the Gun, Jake Gyllenhaal in Vampire Weekend

A big fan of Vampire and as a friend of Weekend. Gyllenhaal excites to show up in this 2010 video for Giving Up the Gun, in which he performed a forceful and hard drinking tennis player. Gyllenhaal revealed to MTV how he speedy to downtown L.A. from San Francisco to shoot the piece. Saying: I fundamentally changed into a tennis outfit, and I get down. Many other celebrities including Joe Jonas and Lil Jon too have cameos.

Uptown Girl, Christie Brinkley in Billy Joel

It is a well-known misinterpretation that Christie Brinkley the motivation behind the song Uptown Girl. Composed and record by her future spouse Billy Joel. The 1983 song was in reality about another 1980s great model Elle Macpherson. Who was Joel’s sweetheart girlfriend at the time? However, Brinkley was so very good and so perfect in the video as Joel’s captivating. High-class energize young woman, it is difficult to trust the infectious tune was not about her.

Jenny From The Block, Ben Affleck in J.Lo

This video for 2002 Jenny from the Block a vastly improve better keepsake of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s love than the movie Gigli. The song discusses Lopez remaining good with her foundations regardless of popularity and fortune. A great part of the video mirrors the couple’s high profile commitment, delineating their absence of privacy as they were pursued by the paparazzi.

Trying Not To Love You, Jason Alexander in Nickelback

For their 2012 song Nickelback video. Trying Not to Love You, track a wacky storyline that could’ve been the reason for a Seinfeld scene. In this way, it built a sense that previous Seinfeld cast part Jason Alexander stars in the clever and sentimental piece about a gifted barista prepared clumsy by his compress on a client performed by Brooke Burns. At the point when his extreme biker rival (also performed by Alexander) appears, the double face off in a strange high stakes latte rivalry.