5 Common Concerns Adult Learners Have


Going back to school as an adult learner sounds eccentric, especially if you yourself are considering it after all these years. Many concerns might cross your mind, and trust us, they are valid. It is not an easy move, and it’s quite common to feel anxious about various things that a young student doesn’t have to think about. 

But be assured that neither attending school as an adult nor the apprehension is abnormal. And once you embark on this journey, you will realize that everything can be managed when you are determined. 

Below, we will be discussing common concerns adult learners have and what you can do about them as a returning student yourself. 

What Worries Most Adult Students

Before you allow the doubts to take your dreams down, remember that everyone who succeeds has to make sacrifices and leave their comfort zones. Besides, things are quite different today. Now, you have the option to hire professional paper writers on writing platforms like DoMyEssay to do my essay for me and get help with your assignments. Also, the increasing number of returning students is enough to clear up the clouds about this stigma around joining college as an adult.

How Will I Finance My Education?

Whether or not they will be able to finance their education is one of the biggest questions most adult learners have. Many even back out of their dream of returning to school due to a lack of financial support. Even though studying further can enhance one’s earning potential, the responsibility to pay bills, kids’ school fees, and manage essential expenses may make one feel like dropping the idea. 

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To fund your education, you can look for some convenient loan options. You will find some lenders who allow flexible payment schedules based on your income resources. Some schools offer scholarships and financial aid to adult students. You can also check with your employer to see if your company has any policies for reimbursing your tuition fees. 

However, you must research a lot before enrolling to ensure that all your time, money, and effort are fruitful in the end. 

Will I Fit In?

Learning amongst young students is not everybody’s cup of tea. You may fear embarrassment and awkward reactions from your classmates. But many universities boast of being adult learner-friendly and having students in the age range of 16-50. So, you might actually find many students whom you can connect and share life experiences with. 

And in case you are the oldest in class, feel confident knowing that students often find it amusing to be friends with adult students as they get to learn a lot of practical life lessons from them. 

Since you will be attending school after several years, it is normal to feel a little odd and take some time to adjust. But this phase will be gone by the time you settle in. 

Am I Not Too Behind the Times?

With Gen Z and Gen Alpha’s level of tech-savviness, everyone else ought to feel somewhat not capable. Technology has become even more intimidating for returning learners with advancements in the education landscape and the new era of online learning. However, the digital world is not as incomprehensible as it may seem. 

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Most professors extend ample support to students who are not very efficient with technology. Schools and colleges also arrange workshops for such students to help them get acquainted with tools and devices. Besides, once you get familiar with the software, you learn to explore further on your own.

How Will I Balance Work, Life, and Studies?

It is more than time management. With a job, household responsibilities, family to take care of, and other social commitments, it may feel like too much of an addition to your already packed schedule. Investing yourself in so many responsibilities takes up energy and might even drain you. So, it is not an outrageous concern that you have. 

But there’s always a way. You can communicate with your family and ask them to help with the household chores. If you have too much on your plate, you can opt for flexible classes. Many schools offer programs specially designed for adult learners, keeping their constraints and other obligations in mind. Such programs give you more control over your pace and schedule. 

After All These Years, Will I Be Able to Focus?

Self-doubt becomes a major hurdle on the path to success. It is quite common to doubt whether or not you will be able to learn at all. But returning to studies after a long pause is rather refreshing for the majority of adult learners. Besides, you may also wonder if you are still as sharp as you were back then. 

However, it will only be a matter of the first few classes when you feel the discomfort of leaving your comfort zone. Once you start recognizing your abilities and achieving milestones, you will enjoy the journey even more.

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Just like everything else, it only takes one step to begin, and things start to fall in place as you go. Don’t wait for people to support you. Support your dream and allow other people to adjust to it. Sometimes your loved ones may not cooperate or even make fun. If that’s the case with you, go for it anyways. They will eventually realize its importance for you and come around. So, what are you waiting for? Go make your dreams come true!

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