9 Famous Celebrities Share Their Shocking And Craziest Audition Stories

Craziest Audition

Celebrities Shocking And Craziest Audition Stories

These Nine stars had some really busy auditions on the road to stardom. Many people do not think about the Shocking and terrifying things which occur before an actor could even do it in front of the camera. Most actors move on hundreds of auditions before they reach real success, and even the largest celebrities around typically have some truly embarrassing audition stories.

One of them was being auditioned. It is a nerve-racking experience, especially whenever you consider these seven actresses and their humorous stories. A good deal of those memories includes funny misunderstandings, overzealous behavior or a downright embarrassing encounter.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf:

Transformers actors considering LaBeouf’s ridiculous reputation, it’s difficult to know when to take him seriously. For Lars von Trier’s about the auditioned for the 2013 drama Nymphomaniac, the actor once redeemed, I shipped him videotapes of me and my girlfriend having sex and that is the way I got the job.

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore:

Looking back on one bizarre audition, Oh my God, I will not state the film, but they called me on a Sunday with a casting assistant. Barrymore remembers thinking that is a low point that casting assistant doing a scene which required her to act erotic meeting with her very own, telling.

The Sun I need to do that oral thing with this man’s hand. Nobody was there so that I’d like to do it to myself. This was probably the most humiliating experience, it is a low stage. Flower Films is a Drew Barrymore production company.

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The Pretty little liars season 1 auditioned for Dakota Johnson’s role in Fifty Shades of Gray. That audition was really uncomfortable. It is precisely what you thought it’d be a significant monologue, but really, very sexual, Lucy told Cosmopolitan.

I was so embarrassed to be reading out loud, but it is one of these things where you need to devote wholeheartedly. It is one of these things where you need to devote wholeheartedly or you are going to make a fool of yourself.

Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson:

Sometimes it is the person who is auditioning for the part who makes things incredibly uncomfortable. You may think actors will be self-conscious about taking their garments off through an audition, but Dakota Johnson got such a character whilst auditioning for one unnamed project.

I took off my shirt, and after that, you didn’t need to do this, Johnson told The Hollywood Reporter. I am more embarrassed that I told that story. This was really nice, and I said, Thank you, and had to select my shirt up off the floor and talk to them and place it back on. It’s a Dakota craziest audition ever.

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke:

The British brown hair beauty ended her Game of Thrones audition. It sounds just like Clarke was more than a little keen to acquire what turned out to be the career-making Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen at a TV.

If there was something else she could do even make them some tea. David Benioff indicated I do a dance and so I did. I do not know how to do it, but I did a funky chicken. And I sort of morphed into a robot.

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Damon Wayans Jr

Damon Wayans Jr:

After a heavy night party, Damon Wayans was not very ready for his audition. While hung is a bad idea and Wayans memory of trying to find a role following a night of partying illustrates why this should be avoided. I fell in the blue curtain. I said, Men, this room is mad. What’s this, a shifting room?  I attempted to play it as if it were their fault.  Damon Wayans standup comedy was also a popular show. It’s a Damon craziest audition.

Felicity Huffman

Felicity Huffman:

The American Crime star remembers a horrible audition she once did to get an ingenue role. I was going into the ingenue, and that I put on my apparel, and I realized that I simply wasn’t very chesty enough. The reading might have been flat, but thanks to all the toilets paper she stuffed in her brassiere, Huffman’s torso was not.

The director as well as the fancy folks in the room, and it just laid there like a dead fish and I was like. She also said I’d like to pick up my ego and my toilet tissue and walk from the room.

Lea Michele:

She is probably too shaken up after only her whole car to be nervous about her audition for Glee. Michele Lea nearly did not do it to her Glee audition! I got into an enormous vehicle accident beyond the Fox lot.

However, Michele proved to be a real trooper. She was able to make it to the audition later that day. I literally was pulling bits of glass from my hair. They are like, Are you okay?  I am like, I am fine!

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Riz Ahmed:

Riz Ahmed, who played Bodhi Rook at Rogue One. Ahmed still acted as if it wasn’t a guaranteed deal yet. He continued to make audition tapes, sending everyone into the manufacturers for evaluation. Director Gareth Edwards might have regretted giving Ahmed his personal e-mail address while they were awaiting the brass to pick.

He created a distinctive costume for each one. Building a double-digit sum of releases, the director and producers couldn’t determine what Ahmed was doing. According to Vanity fair, when the manager finally contacted him he believed it was about a restraining order. It’s the craziest audition of him.