Beti Drama Review ARY Digital Episode 5 and 6

Beti Drama

Beti Drama Review

Beti ARY Tv drama episode 5 story is so heart touching. The story describes our social norms and the writer is trying to aware the people in the drama Beti. Dadi and Hashmat reached the hospital. Police investigating from the nurses, doctors, and staff. Maryam saw the Dadi and request the Dadi to forgive her and returned her daughter. But she refused to know about her daughter then Maryam has shouted on Dadi. This situation shows the mother love for her children.

Dadi met the nurse and asked about Shajia. She tells the Dadi, she threw the baby girl on the rubbish dump. They have no feeling for the baby girl. Dadi concussed the nurse, she will not tell the reality to someone. Taimoor reached home and say everything about Shajia. Taimoor’s wife Sonia hears the news and is broken the glass.

Beti Drama
Source: ARY Digital

Hashmat and her mother start acting to pressurizing the hospital staff and when the media came. They counter accusation on the hospital in form of media. On the other side, Farida says Taimoor to go to the hospital for his younger brother help. But he refused and beaten her wife. Police investigate from the Dadi and Hashmat, but they are becoming so innocent but Hasim is so worried about Police investigation.

Drama Beti
Source: ARY Digital

Maryam’s Daughter

Azhar continuously conveyed her wife not to blame on Dadi and father Hasim. Dadi reached at the rubbish place to see the baby girl but Maryam also reached that place. This scene is so amazing to show the natural love of the mother for her children. Maryam finds her baby girl and Dadi is so worried about it. Some ladies from neighbors came and congratulation to Dadi for her grandson’s daughter. Dadi again insulting and shouting on ladies and said get lost from the house.

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A customer congratulates the Hashmat for her son’s daughter. But same result here, he insults the customer and said to leave from the shop. Lady Doctor called the Azhar and said about the miracle. His daughter is out of danger and in my 20-year career; she did not say that type of case. Azhar gives credit to Maryam’s prayer.

ARY Beti drama
Source: ARY Digital

Hashmat received a call from Azhar and tell the Dadi her daughter is safe now. Dadi became worried to hear this news. Dadi goes to Maryam’s room and finds something related to magic. Because she believed in magic and also think about it. So Maryam or Azhar came back at home from the hospital with Shajia. Fareeda sees to both alive and becomes so happy. But Dadi comes here to say something wrong words and shouting them. Dadi asked from her, how to win every step? Maryam replied awesome because she believes on Allah and Quran. Those beliefs on Allah and Quran, nobody can harm.

Sonia Love Shajia

Maryam conveyed again Azhar to take side her daughter, not to other family members. After that Maryam is playing with her daughter and Sonia see continuously love of mother and daughter. Maryam called the Sonia and give her baby girl. Sonia tells the Maryam about her daughter. She is looking same to my daughter who is not alive. But Taimoor shouted on Sonia and tell if he saw Shajia with her.

Beti ARY Digital
Source: ARY Digital

A night, Shajia was weeping continuously and disturb Azhar. Maryam says him; we should go to the Doctor. That time Dadi entered the room and bring the Shajia with her. Maryam becomes so upset about Shajia. But Azhar said, all the family members love to Shajia. They are not enemies of my daughter. Maryam cried and said, they do not love Shajia and trying to discern my daughter. But Azhar does not hear against her family members.

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Beti ARY
Source: ARY Digital

Taimoor does not digest the importance of younger brother family. He beats again her wife and said, the father makes me slave and Mayum makes her wife slave. Why Sonia is caring Maryam’s daughter Shajia. Maryam says Sonia to forgive her because Taimoor beat you for me. Sonia said feelings have only humans not stones. Azhar is so nice husband, caring for everyone and you are so lucky.

Majid refused to Hashmat for giving commodities no more free. But Hashmat requests him and weeping about hospital expenses. Majid is agreed to give free commodities for his shop. Taimoor (Hassan Ahmad) becomes so confused, how majid gave stock for free. On the other side, Maryam’s mother again coming her home with some sweets and requests the Dadi to give permission for Shajia Aqeeqah.

The story of Beti drama is showing social behavior and illiteracy. What would you say about it? Please give us your point of view in the comment box.

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