Beti Drama Review ARY Digital Episode 3 and 4

Beti Drama

Beti Drama Review

Beti Drama Review, ARY Digital episode 3 is so heartbroken and based on the conspiracy of Dadi. As I must say the writer has worked superbly with the story to raise such an imperative issue. The writer Sophia Khurram has boldly written down a story which is delineating the genuine image of our fraudulent society. Those types of incident took place in the 21st century. So the writer highlights this issue and creates awareness for the illiterate people.

Dadi comes back home after gender test. She shocked to see the Hashmat in injured position. Some people beat the Hashmat and ran out.  She is starting targeted Maryam’s daughter. Once again Maryam took the stand against Dadi but Azhar makes her silent. Dadi is playing every one of her tricks to get free of Maryam’s daughter. Azhar advised her again to forget everything and lived happily. Maryam’s mother also advised her to take care of you. Dadi entered the room and again insulting and broke the doll.

ARY Drama
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Dadi’s Peer:

They make their living through tricking this stupid Peer. Firstly Dadi attempts to make Maryam eat Peer’s given something by secretly blending it in her tea. However then Maryam feels something fishy and she tries to abstain from eating whatever Dadi insists. Dadi makes various attempts to hurt Maryam in the most ruthless way she tries to make her fall. However then, fortunately, she is saved. She said to Azhar and wants to live in mother’s home. He promised, after Dadi permission, we can go mother home.

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Beti Drama
Source: ARY Digital

Dadi agreed and give them permission. She attempts second time brutally to make her fall. Lady Doctor tells Azhar to manage 4 blood bottles for saving the life. His friend and Maryam mother agree to give blood for a safe life. Fortunately, Maryam is saved and she gives birth to a baby girl who is in a critical position because of pre-delivery. Maryam and Azhar are so happy on their daughter’s birth and she names her Shajia yet then Maryam also fears for her daughter’s future as she has acknowledged it extremely well that Dadi is against her and furthermore that she will never acknowledge their daughter.

Beti ARY Digital
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Dadi’s Conspiracy:

Dadi creates hurdle in front of Maryam’s mother and said to bring some soup and food for her daughter. In addition, she and Azhar’s father (Fahad Mirza) succeeds in persuading Azhar to go home to get some rest while she plans on setting the matter of baby girl. A nurse from a hospital known of Dadi plans. She offered her to vanished the baby girl and she went out her from the hospital.  All things considered, Maryam gets to know on time that her child is missing she reports to the administration and security. She shouted again on Dadi in front of Azhar and Dadi also done drama situation in the hospital.

Security forces close all doors and no staff is permitted to get out of the hospital premises, that nurse finds no chance to get out so she dumps the child in an abandoned region of the hospital. Hospital management fails to discover the baby, so Azhar calls the police. Dadi meanwhile is playing out her honor winning acting skills before Azhar where she is imagining that she is extremely damaged for his daughter’s missing. When Maryam knows the truth and she has started going nuts.

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Drama Beti
Source: ARY Digital

Police Investigation:

Police reached the hospital and start an investigation. On the other hand, Dadi reached at Hashmat shop to tell him her success. They are really happy and doing plan of the next situation. At this stage, Beti Drama Review entered in the new phase and make so interesting.

ARY Drama Beti
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Asma Abbas is certainly the star of the show because she brings out the best in the malice Dadi. We’re also seeing Javed Sheik in an entirely unexpected job, which is somewhat impressive. Shaheed Jabbar Khattak also impresses yet we feel, Fahad Mirza can improve the situation as Azhar. So, an interesting storyline, we’re holding on to see the following episode of Beti to discover how things turn out for Maryam and her infant daughter.

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