Can Dogs Eat Raw Bacon Safely: Learn the Truth

can dogs eat raw bacon

People started raising pigs for food way back in 5000 BCE. Bacon comes from a pig’s body. They remove the spare ribs, fix it with salt or in a pickle, and then smoke it. Canadian bacon is from a pig’s back part, which has less fat. For a long, long time, people in Western Europe mostly ate bacon. The word bacon usually means the salty and smoked meat from a pig’s tummy part. Let’s explore can dogs eat raw bacon or not.

Bacon has too much salt and fat, bad for dogs. Dogs get sick more easily from fat and salt than people. Frying bacon often means adding more oil, which ups the fat even more.

How unsafe is bacon for dogs?

A tiny piece of bacon fat won’t hurt your dog, but a lot will make their tummy upset. Don’t let your dog have bacon grease. It’s got too much fat and oil, and that’s not good for their belly. If your dog has pancreatitis, keep bacon and its fat away. Bacon’s fat could make things worse. Dogs who are allergic to pork shouldn’t eat bacon since it comes from pigs.

If you really want to give your dog bacon because they look at you with those big eyes, only give a small bit, like the size of your thumbnail.

Should dogs eat uncooked bacon? 

Nope. Even if it seems okay because it’s not toxic, raw bacon could make them sick, more than a little bit of cooked bacon. Raw meat might have bugs that cooked meat doesn’t. Understanding can dogs eat raw bacon is important for responsible pet ownership.

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Is bacon bad for dogs? 

Yep, it has got lots of fat and stuff that makes dogs heavy if they eat too much. 

pork meat
Image Credit: A-Z Animals

The fat sticks around the dogs and can make the fog fat which is very bad for their health over time. Eating too much fat can make a dog’s pancreas more angry. The problem is called pancreatitis which can hurt a lot. It might start with too much fatty food or if they have eaten for a long time.

Bacon also has a lot of salt content and people use more salt to keep it good. Dogs do need a bit of salt but if it’s consumed a lot then it can mess up their stomach and make them feel more thirsty. They can also face stomach or bowel problems.

Also excessive salt can leave your dog feeling more thirsty and that can lead to more water intake.

Also, the uncooked pork can bring Trichinella spiralis, a parasitic worm. The risk affects both humans and dogs and is easily transmitted through uncooked raw pork. The larvae from the worm cysts in raw meat hatch and can form cysts in the dog’s muscles.

Dogs with weakened immune systems are more susceptible to infection. A small addition won’t likely cause any harm but isn’t advisable. Promptly visit the veteran for help if suddenly your dog consumes a big portion or shows signs of illness.

What to do now if my dog ate raw bacon?

If your dog consumes raw bacon, take these steps. Note that if any plastic packaging goes down the hatch, contact your vet to remove potential tummy blockage.

  • Figure out how much your dog has eaten and if there’s anything else in the mix that might make it trouble. 
  • Make sure that your dog doesn’t swallow the packaging along with the bacon.
  • Look for any signs also by keeping an eye on pain or any signs of discomfort.
  • Look for regurgitation or diarrhea which could signal a vet call depending on the size and the volume.
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Chewing on Uncooked Bacon Can Upset My Dog’s Tummy?

Chances are, your furry friend won’t get sick from chewing on a bit of bacon. So looking into can dogs eat raw bacon the answer is that a small chunk of raw bacon is usually harmless. The abundance of fat and salt might irritate your pet’s belly, leading to bloating, and vomiting. Typically, it’s mild and sorts itself out. But in some cases, it might get a bit more serious depending on their bacon feed.

can dogs eat raw bacon
Image Credit: Quora

Some dogs might end up with acute pancreatitis, a term for a severe issue where the pancreas (a tiny digestive helper in the belly) gets all inflamed. This painful thing brings on intense belly pain and symptoms like panting, restlessness, fatigue, drooling, and the unpleasantness of vomiting and bathroom emergencies. 

Raw piggy goods might sneak in parasites causing trichinosis in dogs. 

Reach out to your veteran right away

For milder tummy tantrums, a basic diet and maybe anti-sickness meds or gut-friendly bacteria could be the prescription. If it’s more intense, it would lead to deeper examinations. The vet might order a blood check for an overall health glance, keeping an eye out for signs of pancreatitis and dryness. For any hint of Trichinella spiralis, specific blood tests and poop inspections might also be done, but those are rare. X-rays or ultrasounds could be also done.

Health Dangers of Raw Bacon for Dogs

  • Its fat content can be a menace, clogging up arteries.
  • Stir stomach trouble, causing discomfort and cramps.
  • trigger serious issues like pancreatitis. 
  • The pup’s body is unaware of absorption.
  • The crazy amount of salt in any preserved pork is way more than your dog needs. Dogs need just a tiny bit of salt in their diet.
  • Eating too much salty stuff regularly can lead to salt poisoning, also known as sodium ion poisoning. It can be really serious.
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Signs of sodium ion poisoning are:

  • Runny tummy
  • Not liking to eat
  • Being clumsy
  • Feeling super tired
  • Shaking
  • Going into a deep sleep
  • Being very thirsty or peeing a lot

Pancreatitis symptoms to watch for include:

  • Tummy ache
  • High body temperature
  • Swelling
  • Not feeling hungry
  • Feeling down
  • Being tired all the time
  • Faster heartbeat
  • Runny stools

Small dogs face a higher risk of getting pancreatitis compared to bigger dog breeds. The fat in bacon could also bring about serious issues like being too heavy and heart troubles.

Healthier Options for Your Dog Instead of Raw Bacon

best healthy foods for puppy
Image Credit: Purina

Consider these alternatives to raw bacon as safe treats for your furry friend.

  • Opt for peanut butter.
  • Choose plain boiled chicken.
  • Explore bacon-flavored dog treats.
  • Include lettuce in their snack options.

Always keep in mind that treats should only constitute a maximum of 10% of your dog’s diet. This precaution helps prevent excessive weight gain and the risk of obesity.


1. Pork for pups?

Yep, cooked pork in small doses is A-OK, just keep it simple. Opt for chicken or fish for a healthier, more digestible protein source. 

2. Can My Dog Safely Enjoy Smoked Bacon?

Smoking is a way to cure and add flavor to meat which comes in hot or cold varieties. The wood aroma of the bacon determines the flavor. Hot smoking cooks and smokes the meat, while cold smoking adds only a smoky aroma without cooking.

Actually, the risk for your dog lies in the rich seasoning of many smoked meats, like deli meats or bacon, with high sodium content. The smoking process itself poses no danger.

3. Is Canadian Bacon a Safe Treat for Dogs?

Canadian bacon is completely different from American bacon, comes from the pork loin. Despite reduced fat, watch out for high salt or sugar levels harmful to your pup, making it wise to avoid Canadian bacon.


To conclude, raw bacon isn’t a treat worth risking your pup’s well-being. Your responsibility is to ensure their health, controlling both their diet and exercise. Setting limits for where can dogs eat raw bacon isn’t a punishment but a lasting gift for joyful companionship over the years.

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