What are the Best Dog Food for Allergies

best dog food for allergies

If your dog often has diarrhoea, vomits a lot, or has skin issues like itching, rashes, redness, or losing hair, you should talk to your dog’s vet. These problems might be because of allergies. Dogs can be allergic to things like dust, fleas, pollen, and some foods. Your vet can help figure out what’s causing the trouble and how to help your dog feel better. However, based on the advice of your veterinarian as well as the severity of the dog’s condition, your dog might require the best dog food for allergies to get better from problems. Prescription meals are made to avoid cross-contamination and contain specially selected proteins that are rare to cause an allergic reaction.

Now let’s checkout the best dog food for allergies below:

6 Best Dog Food for Allergies 

1. High Rated

Hill’s Prescription Diet Hill’s Prescription Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Hill's Prescription Diet Hill's Prescription Hypoallergenic Dog Food
Image Credit: Pinterest

For the majority of dogs having food allergies as well as sensitivities, Hill’s Prescription Diet Dog Food is one of the highly rated and the best dog food for allergies because of their consistent production methods and clear and comprehensive ingredient labelling. Hill’s Science Diet is the best-rated dog food brand from our 403 panellists, receiving incredibly high ratings for both overall satisfaction (both humans as well as dogs) and the company’s capacity to meet certain nutritional requirements. 

When it comes to treating a protein allergy, dog food makers often use one of two methods: either they offer a unique protein that is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, or they use “hydrolyzed” protein molecules, that have had the allergen element removed by being broken into their individual amino acids. The first strategy is used in Hill’s Prescription Diet’s d/d formula, which uses deer, salmon, or duck to prevent the most frequent protein allergens. It also gets rid of soy protein as well as other common protein ingredients, which are other possible confounding allergens (because it’s sometimes not simple to pinpoint the particular allergy that your dog is allergic to). It costs $135 on Amazon and Chewy.

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  • Dogs experiencing food allergies can benefit from a range of dry and wet food formulas.
  • Created by dietitians, veterinary professionals, and researchers 
  • US food production plants that consistently maintain human standards for quality control
  • Ample amounts of antioxidants as well as omega-3 fatty acids


  • Few specialised and breed-specific formulae

2. Sufficient Protein (Hydrolyzed)

Royal Canin Veterinary Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein

best dog food for allergies
Image Credit: Ubuy India

Both Hill’s Prescription Diet and Royal Canin’s are the best dog food for allergies, providing hydrolyzed alternatives and new protein to help alleviate your dog’s allergies. They were a fewer well-known but equally reliable brand within the dog houses we evaluated. With carefully selected ingredients and premium omega fatty acid content, both dog foods are outstanding. But, Royal Canin has a somewhat wider selection of alternatives that may better satisfy your dog’s unique needs if you’re searching for a hydrolyzed protein diet that addresses your dog’s protein allergies. 

Options for dry food include both a

There are two types of dry food available: one that contains hydrolyzed chicken as well as another that uses hydrolyzed soy protein in place of any meat protein not at all. These are two alternatives for managing weight plus a formula specifically for little dogs. It costs $133 in Chewy.


  • Variety of formulae, such as tiny dog and alternatives for managing weight
  • formulated with prebiotics in diet and loads of fibre for the health of the skin and digestive system


  • Needs for a prescription

3. Dog’s most favourite

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Wet Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Wet Dog Food
Image Credit: Purina

If your dog is more comfortable eating wet food, Purina Pro Plan’s Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach pet food line as the best dog food for allergies includes three poultry-free meals: meat & oat meals, mackerel & rice and steak & oatmeal. The meal plans are free of common allergens and stomach-unsettling ingredients including flour, soy, chicken, as well as artificial flavours.

Fibre, prebiotics, enzyme easy-to-digest cereals (barley, rice, plus/or oatmeal), animal fats, fish oil (omega-3), as well as sunflower seed oil (omega-6) are all ingredients in Purina Pro Plan’s wet feeds. A single meal or several meals may fit within a 13-ounce can, based on the size of the dog you have. Moreover, the wet solutions are frequently offered in bundles, as well as the reusable cans have a simple pull button on top.

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Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin Formula dry dog food is available in three different recipes: salmon plus rice, lamb with oatmeal, plus turkey with oatmeal. It comes packed in bags that can hold four to forty pounds. You may additionally mix the wet food with this dry food. Its price on amazon and chewy is $44.


  • The best sources of protein are lamb, salmon, and beef.
  • Contains readily digested prebiotic fibre
  • Absent from artificial colours, flavours, poultry, flour, and additives 
  • There is also a dry solution available.


  • Available only in a single-size can; corn oil may be present.

4. Best for Poultry Allergies

Blue Buffalo Basics Salmon and Potato Recipe

best dog food for allergies
Image Credit: Great Road Farm & Garden

Blue Buffalo provides a complete range of wet and dry dog diets with minimal ingredients that are all created from just one animal protein source for dogs who are allergic to chicken. Our top pick for dog food for dogs with chicken allergies is Blue Buffalo’s Basics as the company makes its dog meals without utilising any by-product meals, such as chicken by-product meal, which is frequently used in recipes from other companies. This makes it simpler to fully prevent the allergen that is leading to your dog irritation. 

Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are included in every serving of this best dog food for allergies and to support your dog’s general health. Additionally, the meal is devoid of typical allergens like egg yolks, milk, corn, wheat, as well as soy. Its price on Chewy is $41, on amazon $45.


  • Only one source of animal protein
  • Free of eggs, dairy products, corn, wheat, chicken as well as soy
  • formulations for small and big breeds, adults, elderly, and pups
  • Absent from synthetic flavours and preservatives


  • Certain recipes are harder to locate.

5. Best For Big Dogs

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food
Image Credit: The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog Custom Fresh Dog Food as the best dog food for allergies can deliver dog food—made without the cause of your pooch’s affliction—right to your door if the dog is sensitive to animal protein sources. You can select up to four dishes (beef, chicken, pig, and/or turkey) to be a part of your dog’s customised diet plan with the service that you subscribe to. This implies that dogs can still love beef, turkey, as well as pork meals if they have a chicken allergy.

The Farmer’s Dog first offers you a number of queries regarding your dog’s present condition, breed, age, amount of daily exercise, and weight in order to help each dog avoid particular allergies. An estimate of the breed components and birthday is appropriate if you are dealing with a rescue.

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  • There are four options, all of which use one main protein.
  • Made using human-grade components and USDA-approved beef.
  • tailored to the age and energy level of your dog


  • Exclusively accessible through subscription

6. Great for Wheat Allergies

Fromm Family Heartland Gold Dog Food

best dog food for allergies
Image Credit: Fromm Family Pet Food

Grain-free dog food guarantees that your dog’s meal hasn’t come into contact with any possible allergens during manufacture, which is beneficial for dogs with wheat allergies. It is one of the best dog foods for allergies. Heartland Gold Adult Grain Free Dog Food contains antioxidants for a robust immune system, probiotics as well as prebiotics for good gut health, and amino acids like taurine for properly functioning muscles, especially the kidneys and heart. 

The main protein resource is beef, which is supplemented with pig and lamb to give the dish a flavour that dogs love: beefy. Legumes—peas, legumes, as well as chickpeas—and potatoes serve as the main starches in the grain-free recipe. Fromm scored highly among the 407 pet owners we surveyed for their dog’s general happiness, involvement, and pleasure as well as for their dependable usage of human-grade ingredients. The price on Amazon is $79.


  • blend of prebiotics as well as probiotics to assist regularity; supplies glutamate for heart health
  • Minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants


  • Not as widely accessible as other brands of dog food

What Allergy-Related Dog Food You Should Try 

1. Different Proteins

Changing proteins in your dog’s diet is usually the first step towards treating their allergy, as the majority of dog food-related allergies are allergic reactions to particular proteins. The best dog food for allergies that are formulated to treat protein allergies usually have a small list of ingredients that excludes a lot of prevalent causes. Prescribed diets usually employ one of two methods to treat a protein allergy:

2. New Proteins

You may substitute venison, ostriches, duck, and various other sources of protein for common allergies including chicken, beef, as well as lamb. Restricting the usage of various animal byproducts is another aspect of this.

3. Transformed Proteins

This method of creating hypoallergenic foods usually starts with chicken proteins. It is followed by a chemical reaction (usually involving intense heat or acid) that reduces the protein to its simplest ingredients, thus removing the allergen.


So, from this blog you must get some very crucial and important names of the best dog foods for allergies. All of its recipes are created by nutritionists, veterinary professionals, and researchers to provide dogs with the adequate nourishment they require. Because of its unique blend of proteins and minimal ingredient lists, it may successfully minimise your dog’s symptoms of allergy. We advise looking into Royal Canin if your veterinarian suggests looking into a hydrolyzed protein and the best dog food for allergies from wheat. Dog diets with digested protein are also available from Hill’s Prescription Diet, although Royal Canin has more specialised recipes for tiny dogs, weight control, and other issues.

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