How to unstuff your nose instantly: The remedies to try!

how to unstuff your nose instantly

One of the things that can certainly make you feel uncomfortable and frustrating is a stuffy nose. Having a stuffy nose can be a cause of different factors, but once you have it, there is no going back soon. However, there are certain remedies and medicines present at your home or in the market that can help you, getting an instant relief from a stuffy nose. So, if you want to know how to unstuff your nose instantly, here we have curated some remedies that are worth trying. Well, without wasting any time, you need to go ahead and find out the best remedy that suits you and get an instant relief from your stuffy nose. 

How to unstuff your nose instantly: Top remedies to answer

Indeed, it’s true that there are certain home remedies present which can help you and stuff your nose instantly and there are certain over-the-counter drugs as well, which can help you with the same. So here we have given a combined list of home remedies and medicines that you can try for instant relief.

how to unstuff your nose

Steam inhalation

One of the simplest ways of getting instant relief from a stuffy nose is to inhale steam. Not only can it get you relief from initial condition, but it will give you. An instant solution is well. This is one of the traditional methods that is still being used around the world whenever a person is suffering from a stuffy nose.

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For taking steam, you can either use a steamer, or a bowl containing hot water to inhale the steam. There are different steamers present in which you can certainly use a variety of stuff which can help you. 

Nasal Wash

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The next method to unstuff your nose is to have a nasal wash. To do so, you need to rinse the inside part of your nose with the help of a nasal irrigation kit. If you do not have that you can also use a neti pot. When you wash your nasal from the inside, it will soften the muscles inside and lose it so that the entire mucus can be easily washed out from your nose, and you can get an instant relief. You can easily purchase either of the things from a pharmaceutical shop and you can also take saline solution to speed up the process quite easily. 

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Warm compress 

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Another method that can certainly help you to unclog your nose is to use a warm compress on it. When you utilize a warm compress on your nose, it reduces the inflammation present and opens the nasal cavity, giving you an instant relief from stuffy nose. You can use any kind of warm compress that is available at your home and keep it outside on your nose and apply a little bit of pressure. 


honey jar with honey comb

One of the home remedies that you can use to unstuff your nose is honey. Because of the presence of nutrients that include different vitamins and minerals, along with its anti-bacterial characteristics, if you are having any bacterial infections in your nose, it can certainly do wonders. It is proven to calm an irritated throat, including the nasal cavity and remove the mucus that is accumulated, making your nose unstuffy. But how to unstuff your nose instantly with the help of honey. For that you need to take some lukewarm water along with two spoons of honey, which will help your nasal passage to open. 


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The next home remedy is ginger. Since it has been used since ancient times to get instant relief from cough and cold, ginger can definitely give you instant relief if you have a clogged nose. This is due to the fact that ginger contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory characteristics which is effective for these types of conditions. To get relief from stuffy nose, you can put ginger pieces into boiling water and use a cloth to dip into the brew and put it on your face gently. You should do this for at least 15 minutes to get instant relief. In addition, you can also drink ginger tea for a longer period of time. 

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Saline Nasal Spray

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The next thing that you can try to get an instant relief from a stuffy nose is to use a saline nasal spray. There are different nasal sprays present in the market that can easily be purchased without any prescription. These saline nasal sprays basically remove the excess mucus, germs, allergens, and other kinds of irritants that are present in your nasal passage, providing you with an instant relief. Since there are no certain medicines present in these sprays, you can easily use it without having any side effects and they are even safe for kids as well. These saline nasal sprays even add moisture to your passages, which further reduces the irritation and inflammation, by reducing the excess mucus. 

Hot Shower

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If you are suffering from a cold, the best thing that you can do is take a hot shower for a while. This will help the entire condition present in your nose to be improved, making you comfortable instantly. The steam that you get while taking a hot shower loosens the mucus that is present in your nose, which further leads to reducing inflammation in your passage, giving you an instant relief. However, this type of remedy is not for a longer period of time as it will just give you a few hours of relief. So if you want to get instant relief for just a few hours, then you can definitely go and take a hot shower. You can also take deep breaths while having a shower so that steam can easily go into your nasal cavity and give you the relief that you need. 

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In terms of over-the-counter medicines, there are decongestants present that you can easily purchase for instant relief. These decongestants basically shrink the vessels in your nose that are being spelt due to inflammation, allowing you to breathe comfortably and getting an instant relief. There are basically two main ingredients present that are responsible for giving you instant relief, which includes phenylephrine and pseudoephedrine. However, you need to make sure that you do not use decongestants for longer days as you need to restrict its use for 4 to 5 days regularly. 

Does a stuffy nose mean a serious infection?

No, having a stuffy nose does not mean that you have a severe infection. Your nose can get stuffy or runny during weather changes or in just a cold as well.

Is it mandatory to take OTCs for stuffy noses?

Since we have been discussing home remedies in the article to get instant relief from stuffy nose, it is not mandatory to take any medications if these home remedies are suitable.

When should I see a doctor in case of a stuffy nose?

If your stuffy nose persists for more than 4-5 days even after trying these home remedies, you should consult a physician or ENT doctor for sure.

Final Words!

A common question that is being asked by many people around the world who suffer from instant cold or instant stuffy nose is how to unstuff your nose instantly. Well, we hope that in the article we have answered this question to you and provided you with the best of the remedies that you can easily find nearby. The above remedies that include home-made medicines and over-the-counter medicines can definitely give you instant relief from a stuffy nose. However, if you still do not get relief from these types of remedies, you can always visit your doctor and get a prescribed medication for your condition.

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