Spiritual benefits of fasting: A peace to your soul, spirit, and mind

spiritual benefits of fasting

For many years, fasting has been known to provide certain health benefits, however, people also believe that fasting does provide spiritual benefits as well. Indeed it’s true as during ancient times, people fasted for a long time, which made them healthy, stable, and happy as well in their life. There are certain spiritual benefits of fasting that people may experience if they follow the right rules of fasting and do it from their heart and mind together. Well, if you are wondering what your soul or spirit can benefit from fasting, in this blog we’ll get to know about that.

Spiritual benefits of fasting: the 6 wonders it does

Cleansing of soul

One of the major spiritual benefits of fasting is that it leads to cleansing of the soul. In your daily life you may not feel your best from the kind of food you eat, as you can feel low, lazy, and tired as well. However, when you do fasting, it’s a natural process for detoxifying your body from all toxins you acquired by eating junk food or processed food. So, firstly you get your organs detoxified and cleansed when you fast. It is said that happy organs means a happy soul, so once your organs are cleansed, your soul is too. This break from toxins incorporated in food allows you to give a break to your organs and let them and your body heal. Moreover, if you are keeping a fast and giving time to yourself, you will definitely feel a change and a connection between your body and soul. 

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Satisfaction and clarity of mind and spirit

When you keep a spiritual fast, you admire God’s presence and voice as you get detoxed and you are filled with a new level of energy and desire. Once you achieve this level of fasting, you realize that consuming no food is a small thing that you gave up to gain a lot of things from your fast. You will notice that you will acquire a great sense of satisfaction from keeping a spiritual fast as you now feel connected to the higher power and have clear thoughts in your mind related to your life. The world is now a place where people feel pressured daily and this has led to living an unsatisfied life and not having a clear mind and spirit as well. However, keeping spiritual fast leads you to another place, giving you time to think, giving your spirit to heal away from the pressure of the world, and clearing your mind as well. 

The path of spiritual fasting is all about self-knowledge, as you get to understand your mind, body, soul, and spirit in a manner that you never did before.

Feel connected to a higher power

When we do a spiritual fasting, we do it to let God live within ourselves and desire our God in different methods. During fasting, we get an ideal time for us to think and get some thoughts in our mind related to our life and how we  are living it. Once we realize things, we remember God in our good and bad times and fasting enhances this interaction we have with our God in our mind. At times of fasting, when we are not eating or doing anything besides getting our body and soul to heal, we are vulnerable towards the higher power and we feel more connected to it than ever. This happens as we think of our life and desire more from God and think about what we have done in the past and what we need to do in our future. During these hours, you have a communication with a higher power and feel more attached to it than ever. 

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Self praise and appreciation

One of the other major spiritual benefits of fasting is that it raises the level of self appreciation and praise. When your body is not in the mode of digesting food all the time, the entire energy is focused on different things. Similarly, when we are also not thinking of what to eat, we devote more energy towards ourselves and God. The moment we do these things, we go deeper and experience a level of self appreciation and praise while thinking about our life. During fasting, you also gain a sense of appreciation towards your body to stay active and energized even though you didn’t have anything to eat. The entire process of fasting includes a way of detoxifying your body and getting rid of negative energy while your organs, body and mind relaxes and allows you to give time to yourself. These steps all lead towards realization of the need to appreciate and praise yourself more in difficult times. 

Time for yourself

As mentioned previously, fasting gives you a lot of time for yourself as when you are not eating or thinking about what to eat, you get much free time. The energy you spend on thinking these things are spent on something new, which gives you to engage yourself in a new way. When you do a spiritual fasting especially, you intend to give as much time as possible for yourself only. During the free time you can pray, think of your life, connect more with your body and mind, heal your soul and spirit, and get rid of all the toxins you have built up in your organs by eating unhealthy foods.

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It may sound that when a person is on fast he/she is not energized as a result of lack of food. But in reality, when a person does a spiritual fast, they find a new energy in themselves and utilize that energy towards something that is great. Moreover, this energy is something that retains with you once you open your fast as well. 

Final Thoughts

At last it’s true that since ancient times fasting has helped people realize a lot of things and even change themselves. These spiritual benefits of fasting can turn on humanity in people around the world and can also bring all to live peacefully together and as an individual as well. It’s true that until a person tries spiritual fasting for himself, these benefits may sound hypothetical. But once practiced, he/she will realize that fasting from the heart does provide spiritual benefits.

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