Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Share Sweet Tributes On 4th Wedding Anniversary

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed Share Sweet Tributes to Each Other on 4th Wedding Anniversary

Ian Somerhalder and wife Nikki Reed celebrities show their love for each other. In a gushing social web-based post. On Friday, April 26 as they celebrated their 4th marriage anniversary. Six photos shared on Instagram by the Vampire Diaries alum. In 2015 as well as one from the day he wed the former Twilight star.

Ian Somerhalder age is 40 years old, wrote to Reed I am totally blown away by you with whom he shares 1.8-month aged daughter Bodhi Soleil. The bright pureness of your smile is catching to us all. We have journeyed far and near learning, exploring, laughing, tasting, raising and loving our little one. In this latest role watching you and seeing first-hand the true power.

The power you have as a mother, a businesswoman, an artist and a real trailblazing leader into the world of sustainability and talent is profound, he continued. I only desire I was half as bold and joint as you. Whether at our marriage dancing, cuddling one of our furry creatures swimming in the seas. Around the world jumping on airplanes, capturing beautiful images or sitting hand and hand eyeing at the ocean with a beer.

We sort out it all together. It’s been nothing amazing short to inhale the air of the bright blue sky whole over this planet with you, the V-Wars star concluded. A lot of thanks to you for spending this lifetime with me and also special thank you for all you teach me. Happy 4th Anniversary my human. Love, Your man.

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Wedding Picture:

The Bayou With Love founder on Friday shares her own salute of loving to her man on Instagram. By posting 9 pictures from their wedding ceremony. That expresses the under a wooden tepee frame couple exchanging vows. Also hitting the floor of dance and goofing around as Reed licked her new partner’s nose. In nature You, me, a teepee, ‘that’s quiet our dream date right’. Nikki Reed wrote. We had no idea four years ago what we were getting into.

Everything we didn’t know we understood we knew about life. What it means to be a real partner for life to someone else. Just we were two children who were crazy about each other. How to grow with someone we didn’t yet know. But we were in love we knew and also we knew we wanted to learn the whole of these things together.

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If we’re doing it right I still have no idea, but I know every day we both wake up and take each other,” Continued by Sleepy Hollow actress. We’ve done a lot, we’ve seen a lot, we’ve laughed a lot of it off, we’ve laughed a lot. And we’ve sustained to be each other’s prime cheerleaders, and system of truest support.

An amazing object occurs when you merge your soul and life with each other. Your association becomes its own wonderful garden that continues to bloom. Beautiful tiny buds pop up when you minimum expect them too, and occasionally the leaves drop off from overwatering. It’s a delicate dance that we will love for the sake of our lives. Because we together enjoy watching it grow. A whole new meaning Love takes on, it evolves as you do.

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Happy 4 Year of Married Life My Honey:

In the next chapter may this be filled with curiosity. And even more admiration for all the unbelievable things we still stay to discover. To inquire each other questions and make-out in the backseat may we continue, she said. You are the affection of my life, the simple one who provides me butterflies, and I’m so thankful we grow together with the experience of this. Happy four years married my honey.

Somerhalder’s former Vampire Diaries costar Matthew Davis stated on Ian Somerhalder wife post, writing, Holy moly! Was that 4 years before! What a great night that was! I’ll never fail to recall. You together have been such an inspiration over the years. Thank you. Thank you. Congrats on spending life so well together. With all my heart I love you both. Many blessings to you.