Jean Ann Ford Co-Founded Benefit Cosmetics, Dies

Benefit Consmetics

Co-Founded Benefit Cosmetics            Empire, Died At 71

Known as the creative power behind Benefit Cosmetics, co-creator Jean Ann Ford died from cancer in her Tiburon home Thursday night. She was 71. Ford died Jan. 17 in her home in Tiburon, California, following a battle with cancer. It’s with great sadness we share our beloved co-creator, Jean Ann Ford, has passed away, the brand composed in an announcement this week. Jean leaves behind a make-up dynasty, the legacy of creativity along with the belief that laughter is the best cosmetic. Ford co-founded Benefit, then a little make-up store known as the Face Place in San Francisco’s Mission District, in 1976.

Modeling Career:

Originally from Indiana, she’d embarked on a modeling career, but chose to become an entrepreneur, along with her sister, at the age of 29. With the money from those advertising campaigns, the sisters decided to test their fortune out west. They packed up their old station wagon and drove to San Francisco, California, where they opened the Face Place in 1976. The make-up store, in the Mission District, had the goal of earning problem-solving beauty products, their top vendor, Benetint, a rose-hued stain for cheeks and lips, was reportedly invented for an exotic dancer who came to the store searching for the product to entice her nipples.

Jean Ann Ford

Jean Ann Ford Life:

In the late 70s, their little business will turn into a cult classic due to an exotic dancer called Rosie, who strolled in one day and asked for a solution for a very particular problem. She had a potion that will make her areola pinker for, she said, customers in the rear of the room. Jean and Jane told her to come back the following day to get merchandise they hadn’t yet made. That night they boiled rose petal and created a nipple blot called Rose Tint, the organization’s first product. That item today called Benetint. And it is promoted as a lip and cheek stain that sells for $12 to $30. In 1990, the company was renamed from the Face Place to Benefit Makeup.

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As well as the sisters, moved on to roll out the line in the currently Henri Bendel ceased to exist in 1990 and London in 1996. Benefit Cosmetics is currently in over 50 nations with 5, 200 doors, 2, 500 forehead bars and 85 stores around the globe. And it reportedly grosses over $500 million in earnings every year. The pair offered a controlling interest in the brand at LVMH in 1999. And sold the rest of their shares and left the mark in 2012. Maggie Danielson, Ford’s older girl, said in an e-mail that her mother had a way to connect with individuals and break down the barriers, most frequently with a laugh. I think that is what he liked most about Benefit. Makeup was her conduit for connection.

Jean’s Creativity:

She created her very own world wherein pleasure, sass and friendship were the currency, Danielson wrote. She said to me once, A Benefit item resembles a riddle. And you need to purchase the item to make sense of the appropriate response. She cherished the craft of the grin. More youthful girl Ann said by means of email that her mom was a power. Jean Ann Ford went through her entire time on earth making a reality. Where ladies could discover delight and joy in them. She really accepted when you make somebody look great and feel better, they will be great. Ford was the best lady I will ever know.

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