Kylie Minogue became the sexiest celebrity over 50. Who else is at the top?

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue has another reason to be proud. The Australian pop singer has been voted the sexiest celebrity over the age of 50. In addition to her, the British actress Elizabeth Hurley also entered the top. Rounding out the top three is Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

The rating was compiled based on the results of a survey from the British dating site Ourtime. Participants were asked which of the stars over fifty they would go on a date with.

In addition to the above stars, the list also includes:

Sharon Stone, 58

It’s been 24 years since the release of the erotic thriller “Basic Instinct”, and Sharon Stone, after that famous scene in a short dress without underwear, is still in the frank fantasies of men all over the world. The Hollywood sex symbol does not suffer from a lack of self-confidence – Sharon can still afford to go out in a translucent top without underwear or star in a photo shoot in a bikini. And many young girls can envy her toned body! The actress herself says that she just always uses the stairs instead of the elevator – no matter how many floors she needs to overcome.

Meryl Streep, 67 

One of the most talented actresses in the world has never been sexy in the modern sense of the word. Her appearance is far from stereotyped ideals. But her talent and charisma are recognized by all. A three-time Oscar winner, a favorite of all film critics, a happy wife (for 38 years already!) And a mother of three children – this is more worthy of emulation than silicone breasts or high cheekbones.

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Meryl is not very fond of sports (an exception is swimming in the summer), but at the same time, she avoids such harmful things as alcohol and the bright sun. Moderation in everything and a positive outlook on the world is the motto of the Strip.

Kim Cattrall, 59 years old 

At one time, Kim Cattrall’s most uninhibited character in the series Sex and the City, Samantha Jones, threatened to bypass Carrie Bradshaw herself in popularity – the main character of the series played by Sarah Jessica Parker. True, not everyone knows that popularity did not save the beautiful Kim from an unhappy personal life (all three marriages of the actress broke up on her initiative). And although Cattrall often repeats that she is not like her Samantha, her many whirlwind romances suggest otherwise. What are the only relationships with the Canadian Prime Minister and a chef 20 years younger?

To keep fit, the actress is not too lazy to go to the gym every day and adhere to the principles of proper nutrition. She also avoids the sun, as her sensitive snow-white skin simply cannot withstand the hot rays. In general, despite her age, Kim Cattrall is still far from retirement – with age, she has become a charismatic sexy woman who knows what she wants and can compete with the young. Just like Samantha Jones, who taught millions of women around the world to be more confident in themselves and not be shy about expressing their desires in front of men.


Sophia Loren, 81

It is impossible to believe that the Italian legend of the world cinema has already been exchanged for the ninth decade! After all, Madame is as charming and temperamental as in the frames of her famous black and white films. There is a story that when Tom Hanks saw her, he didn’t even say hello, but immediately said: “Miss Lauren, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.” And it is unlikely that he grimaced for the sake of a red word – no one will dare to call Sophia Loren old.

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The actress never hid her beauty secrets. She believes that without proper discipline, a beautiful woman in her youth will certainly become uglier in her old age. Therefore, Madame Sophie always wakes up at dawn and does exercises for an hour or goes for a walk. With age, Lauren had to moderate her diet so as not to gain excess weight and allow herself to wear her favorite dresses in a figure. However, like a true Italian, Lauren did not overcome her love for spaghetti and pasta, pampering herself once a week. In addition, Sophia Loren often states that it is almost impossible to catch her in a bad mood – only positive should be radiated into the world.

Madonna, 57

Yes, the outrageous queen is not at all perfect without decorative cosmetics (the years take their toll) and sometimes scares the paparazzi with her exits a la natural. But what the whole world loves Madonna for is that she does not grow old in soul. The genius of the scandal, even now she can easily afford any trick, as in her youth – go on the red carpet half-naked, undress a stunned fan on stage during a concert and protest against everyone and everything. Psychologists say that it is a busy life and turbulent emotions that allow a star to look great. If you also want to get bright emotions, you can play in a casino, for example, on the newest casino site. Here you can not only play but also win good money.


Well, the figure of the Madonna is a separate conversation. So not everyone is given to make oneself – for this you need to have an iron will. Madonna, who became more famous for scandals and shocking, rather than vocal talent, does not take this. Suffice it to say that the 57-year-old mother of four children runs marathons almost daily, tortures herself with workouts to the seventh sweat, and eats according to a very strict regimen.

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