Give effective competitive exam coaching: tips for educators

Give effective competitive exam coaching: tips for educators

Every year thousands of students sit for competitive exams. Either to get admission to the best higher learning colleges or for the recruitment process, students aim to crack competitive exams with high scores and ranks. These entrance exams have a certain complexity level and demand effective academic understanding and preparation.

 To do so, many students prefer to join coaching and take help from experienced educators. But many students not only sit at home and study. They start working, doing part-time or full-time jobs and business for their professional growth and financial support, and therefore prefer taking online classes. Let us discuss some tips that educators can follow for effective competitive exam coaching and make students achieve their aims. 

Benefits of competitive exam coaching 


  1. Help students get a proper academic understanding 

In competitive exams, the syllabus is vast and complex to a great extent. Dealing with so many tricky, applicative, quantitative and theory topics alone becomes quite challenging for students. However, by joining a coaching center or taking online classes, they get help from experienced and well-qualified teachers. They teach students the right techniques and explanations to hold a proper academic understanding and do well in exams. 

  1. Proper time management 

Some students are not able to make their day productive and meet their study goals. They fail to follow a proper routine and because of this their studies are affected. However, when students join coaching, their days become more productive and systematic. They attend classes, and later revise and do the given homework at home. This builds a balance between leisure activities, rest, and learning. Time management skills are boosted overall. 

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  1. Get to be part of the test series 


For cracking the competitive exams with good scores, doing multiple-question practice is very important. When students join coaching centers, there frequent class tests and proper mock test series are conducted. This makes students more consistent in their studies. They get an idea of their current learning status and find the weaker sections. This helps them to improve and learn better. 

Effective competitive exam coaching tips for teachers 

  1. Use technology to teach


Understanding the applicative and theoretical topics from the textbooks becomes difficult as well as time-consuming. To overcome this problem, technology helps. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. 


  1. Ensure proper doubt resolution 

With a complex syllabus to deal with, facing doubts is common among students. Make sure you give your students proper time to ask doubts and get them cleared. Once done with the syllabus, you can conduct separate doubt classes for them too. 

Many students don’t prefer joining coachings but need quality study material for proper competitive exam preparation and proper doubt resolution. You can design your study material, with more details, and create an online course. Later you can sell online courses via your website or by collaborating with their site holders. 


  1. Have facility for online classes

With greater flexibility, convenience and comfort, many students want to take online classes. It is cost-effective and can be taken anytime and anywhere. Other than classes at the institute, you can conduct online classes too. Also, many students are not able to attend synchronous or live online classes. 

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With jobs and weekdays packed, they don’t get time for synchronous learning. They prefer self-paced and personalized learning experiences. In such cases, you can plan for asynchronous learning too. Record your lectures, make a proper asynchronous competitive exam preparation package and sell courses online too. This will work to enhance your teaching business and grow professionally. 

  1. Keep encouraging students

Competitive exams bring a lot of stress to students. There is too much competition and cut-offs are too high. This makes students feel excessively stressed. In such times, other than academic support, emotional support is equally important for students. Appreciate them for their efforts. Also motivate them to keep trying, give their best, and stay positive. 


A vast number of students appear for competitive exams to ensure their academic and professional success. To do so, effective preparation is needed and students take coaching in this regard. We discussed the benefits of taking competitive exams coaching. By following the above-mentioned tips, educators can provide students with a proper understanding of the syllabus and help them crack these exams with high scores and ranks.

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