Meet your new obsession: binge-worthy lesbian YouTubers to subscribe to

What’s not to love about YouTube? In many ways, it’s reality TV at its finest, blending the relatability of ordinary life with Oscar-worthy entertainment. Over time, many YouTubers build large, dedicated followings and go on to expand their careers into other areas: writing, film and TV, music and even sports. The creators on this list were handpicked for consistently delivering engaging content: they certainly will appear as icebreakers in lesbian chat rooms! These web icons present intimate, insightful, and drama-filled stories, comedy sketches and endless adventures. To save you from endless searching, we’ve pulled together the best of lesbian YouTubers: singles, couples, and even families!

Rose and Rosie

The couple, who reside in the UK, started dating in 2011. Rose identifies as a lesbian, and Rosie identifies as bisexual. Since uploading their first joint YouTube video in 2012, the couple has reached internet fame. Their main channel has 1 million subscribers and features varied content themes, ranging from parenting and daily couple life to film reviews. They also have two other channels, one specifically focused on vlogging and one specifically focused on gaming, altogether amassing nearly 700k subscribers. Their YouTube fame has secured them multiple radio and television partnerships, a book release, a Spotify Original podcast, and a documentary.

Ezee and Natalie

Best friends turned lovers Ezee and Natalie document their adventures as a couple on their YouTube channel for the delight of 918k subscribers. Their videos include updates on their relationship, travel vlogs, pranks, and other comedic situations.


Ebony and Denise create family-friendly content for their 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, capturing stages of their life together, from coming out to raising children, in hopes of inspiring their audience to live authentically: “We would like for our viewers to realize that the life they envision living is in fact possible. That having a partner, career, and family is possible in spite of being stigmatized by society.”

Ally Hils

Close to hitting 1 million subscribers, Ally creates content around her lifestyle and popular culture. In her videos, she participates in trending internet challenges and games, as well as comments on and reacts to other content. As a talented musician, she also posts music-related content: original songs, covers, Q&As and more.

Kally and Oli

The Polish-Taiwanese pair are based in Poland, from where they create content for their 186k YouTube fans. Their vlog-style content documents their life as an international couple, exploring each other’s culture.

Bria and Chrissy

Bria and Chrissy are a “singing duo/lesbian couple with original music, making videos that inspire”. Through comedy and music, the couple aims to entertain their 915k viewers while promoting equality. Their content ranges from parodies to conversational pieces, discussing their romantic life as a polyamorous married couple turned throuple.

Just Between Us

With nearly 650k subscribers, Allison and Gaby create a variety of content for their YouTube channel and podcast. Viewers can expect comedy sketches, educational content relating to money and finances, as well discussions around relationship dynamics. The pair also wrote two novels: I Hate Everyone But You and Please Send Help.

Amber’s Closet

Amber calls her 773k fans her “subs”. Her videos include motivational content, challenges, comedy skits and vlogs documenting her life. Viewers can expect topics related to LGBT+ culture, fashion and more. Through her channel, she aims to showcase her style and “help others that may be struggling with their identity, to break stereotypes”.


Shannon Beveridge, the creator behind the channel, is known to her 664k YouTube subscribers for videos which capture moments from her personal life, including romantic relationships, some of which have made headlines. Shannon’s content covers a variety of LGBTQ+ topics, including dating, travel etc.


The Johnson Family, led by – you’ve guessed it – two moms, create varied content that’s suitable for all ages. This consists of vlogs and other types of videos addressing their relationship, pregnancy and parenting, traveling, cooking and more.

Brittney and Dorrie

For their YouTube channel, the pair regularly attempt various challenges and pranks, as well as posting vlogs detailing stories from their life as a couple.

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