Ricky Gervais Says After Life Season 2 Will Return

Ricky Gervais Show

Ricky Gervais Show After Life Season 2

Composing on Twitter the 57-year-old comic offered fans his heartfelt thanks to the warm reception at his show, After Life. Following After Life’s introduction on Netflix tv show before this month, Ricky Gervais new show universally praised, which tells the story of a suicidal journalist who was struggling to deal with his wife’s death.

He said: Once more, I need to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your amazing tweets about After Life. I have never had a reaction like it. I have a spring in my step as I skip towards writing a series 2.

This may come as delightful news for many fans who have universally praised Ricky Gervais Tv show, which supplies a barbarous representation of a guy struggling with despair. He said I always give things good conclusions in case I die, and that is the case with After Life. Ricky plays a journalist called Tony, who are grieving the death of his wife after she loses her battle with breast cancer. 

After Life Season 2:

However, his effort turns out to be more difficult to reach that the first thought of how his family and friends try to save the good man they used to know. Ricky Gervais stand up there’s a tiny clue that there could be more of the show at the end of series one where he says. I am simply going to use my own superpower for good.

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He can say what he wanted in this world where you should not say what you are thinking anymore. It is Tony’s despair that pushes his interactions with the planet and initially makes him impervious to individuals. He meets who attempt to assist him.

After Life Season 2

A week ago, it was revealed that Ricky was left gagging and feeling ill as co celebrity Tony Way slurped he was through 15 breast milk rice puddings. I am not depressed. I think from a young age I thought the purpose of life was to have fun every minute of the day.

To me, life’s thrilling, short, finite. When asked about the laugh out loud scene. Tony exclusively told The Sun Online: All of those ideas were there in the script. But they did not fully form. Lots of that came from rehearsals on the day.