Rob Dyrdek Net Worth: His Net Worth in 2023?

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek  is currently a famous American entrepreneur who was even responsible for founding Street league skateboarding competition also known as SLS. When he was just 16 years old, he started his professional venture of being a skateboarder, which further inspired him to build the empire that he has now. Besides founding this particular competition, he has been successful in developing certain famous clothing, brands of skateboarding that includes Alien Workshop, Rogue Status, and DC Shoes as well. It would not be so surprising that currently in 2023, he is holding a net worth of around millions of dollars. Well, if you want to read more about Rob Dyrdek net worth, then follow along the article to learn more details.

Full Name Robert Stanley Dyrdek
Also known as Rob Dyrdek
Date of Birth  18th June, 1974
Place of Birth Kettering, Ohio, United States
Profession American entrepreneur
Net Worth $110 Million
Nationality American
Marital Status Married

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Not only Rob is a MTV star, an actor, a former skateboarder, a producer, and an intrapreneur. He is also a multi-rounder and a multitasker. All his hard work and dedication towards building. His career has made Rob Dyrdek net worth to be around $100 million. He has even appeared on different reality shows and played his own roles in it that includes “Rob & Big,” “Ridiculousness”, and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.” Besides finding SLS, he has also developed a variety of businesses. Because of these reality shows, he did gain popularity and a new start of his successful career.

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Early Life and Education

Rob was born in Ohio, and as a passion and hobby towards skateboarding, the first time that he got his own skateboard was when he was just an 11 year old. Moreover, he got it from Neil Blender who is a pro skateboarder. This in a way lighted a spark in his life and he developed a new desire of becoming a pro skateboarder. Bing focused on becoming the same, even after school times, he used to skate and practice till the night. His hard work paid off when he was offered a sponsorship to begin his career as a pro skateboarder. He started his professional journey of being a skateboarder at 16 years of age when he moved to South Southern California.

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Since his younger age, Rob has already developed an interest towards sports and especially skateboarding. Being sponsored by Neil Blender himself provided him the motivation and inspiration that he needed. Participating in many competitions, led him to convince Neel to start a skateboarding organization on their own to begin his new venture of being an entrepreneur as well. Currently not only is he a former professional skateboarder, but he is also a wonderful entrepreneur and a successful person as well. 

Besides all these things, he has also been a part of several music videos along with different video games as well, which also played an important role in increasing his popularity. He even hosted and appeared on different reality shows on MTV channel which took his career to another extent by giving him exposure to the entertainment industry. Till 2016, DC shoes even sponsored him along with Silver Trucks, Monster Energy, EA Skate, and more. He even got a chance to appear in a movie named Jackass 3.5 and also started his own production company later on.

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Being a professional skateboarder allowed him to set around 21 skateboarding records in the Guinness Book of World Records, which is a huge deal for an individual person. 

Personal Life

In 2015, after proposing to Bryiana Noelle Flores, he got married to her. Later on he has had two beautiful children as well, a son born in 2016 and a daughter in 2017. In his family, he also has Bulldogs who are named Beefy and Meaty along with Gretchen Weiner, who is a Pomeranian dog. 

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek Net worth over the years

Net Worth in 2023 $110 Million
Net Worth in 2022 ~$100 Million
Net Worth in 2021 ~$90 Million
Net Worth in 2020 ~$80 Million
Net Worth in 2019 ~$70 Million

Real Estate 

In 2023, Rob has three different mansions of his own, which are worth around $25 million. 


To wrap this blog up, we have provided you with the information of Rob Dyrdek net worth 2023 which is around $110 million. His hard work, determination, passion towards building successful businesses has made him achieve this position in the industry. 


1. In August of 2023, how much money does Rob Dyrdek net worth?

As of August 2023, Rob Dyredek net worth is expected to be $110 million as per different resources.

2. What kind of profession does Rob Dyrdek have?

Rob Dyrdek is a former professional skateboarder, an actor, producer, and even an entrepreneur as well who is running some successful businesses in America. 

3. How tall is he?

Dyrdek is around 5’7″ tall.

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4. Is Rob Dyrdek married?

Yes, in 2015 he proposed to his girlfriend named Bryiana Noelle Flores and got married after that. Till now he is happily married with his wife and has two children as well.

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