How to Turn off Ad Blocker on YouTube Easily

how to turn off ad blocker on youtube

In today’s digital world, using the internet to watch stuff is common. Places like YouTube give loads of videos – stuff for learning and fun, but they also have ads. Those ads help the people making the videos and keep the site going, but some people use ad blockers to avoid them. If you want to help your favorite creators and enjoy YouTube without those blockers, here’s a simple plan to learn how to turn off ad blocker on youtube.

What are adblockers?

Online ads come in various forms – web banners, pics, animations, audio, video, and those pesky pop-ups. They may even surprise you with auto-playing audio and video. Browsers offer ways to tackle these ads: tweaking ad-delivering technologies, targeting ad URLs, or addressing ad behaviors, like HTML5 AutoPlay antics.

In 1996, the pioneer ad blocker, Internet Fast Forward, emerged as a Netscape Navigator plugin by PrivNet. Firefox joined in 2002 with the AdBlock extension, while Adblock Plus joined in 2006. Fast forward to 2014, and uBlock, now known as uBlock Origin, made its debut.

An ad blocker is a program or software, that protects you from those pesky ads popping up on websites, apps, networks, and such. It grants users the delight of ad-free reading or content consumption on the Internet. Ad blockers turn their muscles against various ad types—animations, videos, programs, and the like.

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The working of ad blockers follows a simple path. 

They search through the websites you visit, scrutinizing elements for familiar ad code patterns. Upon detecting any matches, they hit the door on them, preventing those ads from hijacking your screen.

So if you Install an ad blocker, Ads say goodbye automatically, with no hassle required.

Are Ad Blockers Completely Safe?

If you are wondering if ad blockers are safe?

Ad blockers aim to shield your privacy, with 58% of users using them for that reason. But hold on, ad blockers have their issues too. 

  • It disrupts the background browsing 
  • It slows down your speed online
  • It blocks not just ads but also some useful stuff
  • It pulls down the quality of content on sites

So, are they safe? They guard against some threats but bring their exceptions to the table.

Check Your Browser Extensions:

  • Ad blockers commonly function as browser extensions. 
  • Begin by examining the add-ons in your browser. 
  • Head to your browser settings and locate the section for extensions or add-ons.
  • Identify any ad-blocking add-ons and either deactivate or remove them.
  • Well-known ad blockers encompass Adblock, Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, and AdGuard.

Tailoring Ad Blocking Preferences:

Certain ad-blocking tools offer tweakable configurations tailored to each website. Rather than deactivating your ad blocker completely, contemplate permitting ads exclusively on YouTube. 

Navigate to your ad blocker’s preferences, and include YouTube in the whitelist, enabling ad visibility solely on this platform while maintaining your blocker’s effectiveness on other sites.

Web Browser Tricks

Different browsers have distinct procedures for handling extensions and deactivating ad blockers. Here are broad pointers for how to turn off ad blocker on YouTube on well-known browsers:

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1. Google Chrome:

google chrome
Image Credit: Tech Advisor
  • Access “Settings” within Chrome.
  • Navigate to “Extensions” on the left side.
  • Spot your ad blocker and either deactivate or eliminate it.

2. Mozilla Firefox:

how to turn off ad blocker on youtube
Image Credit: Nektony
  • Initiate Firefox and tap the three horizontal lines at the top-right.
  • Opt for “Add-ons” and head to the “Extensions” section.
  • Identify your ad blocker and either disable or eliminate it.

3. Safari:

Image Credit: wikiHow
  • Launch Safari.
  • Navigate to the top menu, hit “Safari,” and pick “Preferences.”
  • Jump over to the “Extensions” tab.
  • Locate the ad blocker extension; untick the box to turn it off.

4. Brave Browser:

Brave Browser has inherent ad-blocking shield settings:

how to turn off ad blocker on youtube
Image Credit: Brave Community
  • Activate Brave.
  • Tap the lion icon in the top-right nook.
  • Fine-adjust the protection for the designated site.

5. Microsoft Edge:

microsoft edge
Image Credit: SoftwareHow
  • Launch Edge and tap the three horizontal dots at the top-right.
  • Select “Extensions” from the menu and deactivate or remove your ad blocker.

How to turn off ad blockers on YouTube and through the other available Ad Blocker Options?

If turning off your ad blocker entirely makes you unsure, check out alternative solutions for how to turn off ad blocker on YouTube. 

Certain ad blockers provide a “pause” or “temporarily disable” function, enabling you to deactivate the blocker for a specific period or during your time on YouTube.

How to Get Back Your Favorite Creators Directly?

If you value the content from your preferred creators, think about backing them directly on platforms such as Patreon or YouTube Memberships. 

Numerous content creators provide exclusive benefits to their supporters, establishing a mutually beneficial connection between creators and their audience.

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This way you get to know how to turn off ad blocker on YouTube and disabling ad blockers on YouTube emerges as an uncomplicated yet influential method to champion the creators responsible for your delight and useful content. Grasping the significance of ads, tailoring ad blocker configurations, and delving into alternate solutions enrich your YouTube involvement. 

Simultaneously, you actively support the platform’s prosperity and your beloved channels. Keep in mind, that endorsing content creators cultivates a lively online community, securing a steady stream of diverse and captivating content.

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