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Robert Downey Biography

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Do you know who is Robert Downey JR? Robert Downey has executed his magnificent skills through Iron Man. The actor has emerged as the most respected one in the American Film industry. Robert Downey jr. is a well-known American actor. Today, we are discussing Robert Downey Jr Biography.

He is also famous for being a singer and a producer. The actor has considered as the most versatile of all and also God gifted. His skills are inborn. Mr. Downey jr. seems to be evergreen as he has managed to look young as always even after so many years in this field. Do you know how old is Robert Downey Jr? Robert Downey Jr is 55 years old.

Robert Downey Early Life

The birth name of the actor is Robert John Downey jr. The actor Robert was born on April 4, 1965, in Manhattan, New York, United States. Robert Downey Jr age is 55 years old. His father, Robert Downey, Sr, was a director, actor, and filmmaker and mother, Elsie Downey, an actress.

So it can be seen Downey Jr has inherited acting from his parents. Mr. Robert has a sister named Allyson Downey. Both brother and sister indulged in film and art at a very early age. Robert sent to the Stagedoor Manor Performing Arts Training Center in New York.

His father was a drug addict; therefore, Robert started using drugs because, for him, drug addiction is the bond between his father and him. The actor also expelled from Santa Monica High school. After some years, Robert had become a proper drug addict; the actor has struggled hard with this drug abuse.

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The first appearance of Robert was in his father’s film named “pound” in 1970.

Robert Downey Wife
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Downey JR Personal Life

Is Robert Downey married? Robert Downey Jr. married to Susan Levin and has kids. Like the other celebrities, Robert also has dated many women from the industry. From them, the most famous was Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress then left him due to his drug addiction. Mr. Downey Jr has two marriages.

The actor got married to the singer named Deborah Falconer in 1992. During this marriage, the actor arrested and sent to the rehabilitation centers. The couple divorced in 2004. Currently, Robert Downey Jr wife is Susan Downey. Robert has one son named Indio Falconer Downey with Deborah.

In 2005, Robert again got married to Susan Levin. Robert has a daughter, Avri Roel, and a son, Exton Alias, with Susan. The actor has a total of 3 children.

How tall is Robert Downey?

Robert Downey Jr height is 1.74 (5 feet and 8 inches). From 2003 his drug addiction had controlled. Downey’s life has always been in headlines and the center of critics. Due to being in the industry, his addiction to drugs ever got hype in the media that disturbed his personal life, especially.

The actor has only one sister named Allyson. Where is Robert Downey Jr from? Robert Downey Jr is basically from Manhattan, New York. Downey, with his wife and children, lives in an elementary and non-eccentric house in the Hamptons.

Robert Downey Jr house was once a typical windmill house, but now they have transformed it to some extent, but still, it looks impressive and straightforward.



He has been very consistent throughout his career. After doing the movie “Saturday night live,” he criticized for his actions even a magazine called him worst due to his acting. From 1996 to 2001, the actor has seen a very crucial time as Robert Downey Jr got arrested multiple times for abusing drugs and alcohol.

He also caught with cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs. After 2001, Robert got the peak back and came back to the industry with maintained drug addiction. In 2008, the actor made a new record when he starred in the movie “Iron man,” it was a blockbuster hit.

robert downey jr kids
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And Robert Downey jr. carved his name with golden words on box office. After this hit, the actor considered an “actor man.” Some famous movies of Robert Downey Jr are Chaplin, Sherlock Holmes, Zodiac, Due Date, Iron man 2, Iron man 3, the judge, the avengers, Avengers Endgame, Captain America.

Robert Downey Endgame

How much did Robert Downey Jr make for Endgame? Robert Downey jr alone has made $ 75 million from Endgame, the latest Marvel movie. Now Robert Downey is returning after the Endgame in Sherlock Holmes 3 with the bang. The actor also supposed to appear in the film “All-star weekend.”

He has achieved so much during this period even nominated for Oscar. The actor has struggled hard to get here. Once he was a drug addict and abuser, but he managed to get what he always deserved because Robert Downey has engraved skills of acting. The actor also has considered an asset to the American film industry.

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How Much Is Robert Downey Worth?

The estimated Robert Downey Jr net worth is $350 million. The actor Robert Downey Instagram official account has 46.2M followers. We hope you really enjoyed Robert Downey Biography.