Teen Pregnancy Movies: Top Teenage Pregnancy Movies All Time

Teen Pregnancy Movies

Teenage pregnancy has become a serious topic because of its rise in current times. It comes as no real surprise that the authorities and press conduct events and conferences to address the matter. Teen pregnancy movies will also be imparting some precious lessons.

It’s important to educate the teens about the problems and how life can turn with maternity care at this age. Hollywood has helped the cause, in its own unique way. Therefore, every few decades, production homes churn out a pregnancy movie to boost consciousness to the next generation of teenagers.

According to teenage pregnancy statistics, the ratio is declined in the past years. Media and movies became the best ways to communicate with adolescents about teen pregnancy. Below are a few wonderful movies that follow the topic of pregnancy to the core.

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This movie is heart, sarcastic, provides you all of the feels coming old teen pregnancy films that are sure to stay with you. Juno is a film on teenage pregnancy. Juno, a unique, higher school pupil, and her best friend Bleaker have sex and Juno becomes a pregnant teen. But rather than going for an abortion, she decides to give birth to the baby and after that give it up for adoption.

She meets Vanessa and Mark Loring, a young and affluent couple who wishes to have a kid, however, is out of luck. Prospective adoptive parents played with Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner amazingly. It is entertaining in its comedy and so appealing. The humor isn’t on the top or outrageous.

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The Falling:

Abbie and Lydia are best buddies in an English girl school. Following a catastrophe that happens at the school, a fainting epidemic breaks out endangering the stability of all those involved. After having sex with Lydia’s brother, Kenneth is in an effort to abort her pregnancy by another boy.

Lydia becomes convinced that the government must do it, much to the chagrin of the school principal. Morley brings to the teen pregnancy movies a particular wan Englishness, and the same bold and funny compassion that shone through her documentary Dreams of a Life.

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Mom At Sixteen:

Jacey has a mystery, and she expects to keep away from that with just started a new school. she criticizes a number of the pupils for their promiscuous behavior in a class discussion. However, it becomes difficult for everybody when Donna Cooper, Jacey’s advice counselor learns the truth about Jacey when she appears pregnancy symptoms at the school.

Jacey passes out after accepting tranquilizers stolen from her mother and ends up in the hospital. When the infant is born, she changes her mind, saying that she can’t part with the infant. Mom At Sixteen is a well-acting movie and provides a message about both teenagers and motherhood. It portrays the problem of adolescent pregnancy.

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For keeps:

For Keeps, is coming of age teen pregnancy movies starring Randall Batinkoff, and Molly Ringwald as Stan and Darcy. Stan and high school bunch Darcy was good together until Stan discovers that she’s pregnant. The parents begin panicking about their kid’s future and advise them to choose abortion.

But the teenagers decide to keep the child. Because their parents influence the duo to divide the end, everything comes in position and all goes well. In the end, everything comes in place and all goes well plus they start a fresh life. It’s also famous for being Ringwald’s closing teenage pregnancy movies.

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Daddy is an educational teen pregnancy movie centered on Bobby who’s just like the majority of adolescent boys. A thought-provoking story is about the social issue of kids having kids of their own. The girlfriend would be to sleep with him. After two months afterward, he receives a shock of his own life with Stacy tells him that she’s pregnant.

They attempt to convince them of the abortion, but Stacy insists on keeping the baby. Daddy is a realistic film for its time when teenagers weren’t given gender education and parents were uncomfortable speaking about sex with their children.

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Gimme Shelter:

Gimme Shelter is about a 16-year-old who is attempting to flee an abusive mother. It’s based on a real story about a teenage girl. When signs of pregnancy appear, she becomes pregnant and is placed at a house for pregnant girls. Her mother, June, is an abusive drug addict who just wants her for the money she offers.

McCarthy arranges for her to stay in a house for girls that are pregnant. The shelter is run by a previously homeless woman. Apple looks at ultrasound photos, deciding if she wants to maintain the infant. She needs shelter.

17 Girls:

“17 Girls” is a French movie that is based on the maternity pact that took place. It’s the story of Camille, who gets pregnant then 16 of her buddies also decides to become pregnant at the same time. The women dream of living together in a home.

Where all the children can develop as brothers and sisters. They even decide to educate their kids in the kind of a hippie neighborhood’. In the long run, Camilla has an automobile accident and loses her baby.

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Fifteen And Pregnant:

15 And Pregnant, it’s about a girl Tina Spangler, who was having a good life. It can take us to the center of the household situation and shows how everybody gets impacted by it. She becomes pregnant and her boyfriend dumps her. She tells her mother, is stunned, but thanks to her beliefs, decides to help her daughter.

But then her family comes forward to support her. Faced with a choice between abortion, adoption, and becoming a teenager Mother, Tina starts to break down. She gives birth to a baby boy whom she names Caleb. Kirsten Dunst delivered a strong performance.

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 Freshman Father:

Freshman Father is an inspirational, enjoyable, and cute movie about early pregnancy. John has a complete academic trip to Harvard University in the autumn and Kathy plans to pursue music school. Kathy feels that her boyfriend, John, will soon forget her later Harvard university entrance and will wind up with a girl through the same university.

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John assures Kathy he will not forget about her while he is miles away. She risks everything and getting pregnant. John, not one to say no to a challenge, ambitiously plans for them to marry, move to Cambridge and increase the baby.

Soon the brilliance of being married soon fizzles as John struggles with his studies and Kathy finds having absolutely nothing to do. Kathy leaves him alone with the son, adding to his own pressures.

Coal Miner’s Daughter:

Coal Miner’s Daughter is a biography of Loretta Lynn, played by Sissy Spacek. It is about a woman who gets married by the age of 13, has four children by the time she is 20, and is a grandma by the age of 29. Naïve and Shy Loretta was pushed into the music by her husband Doolittle, who gave him a guitar instead of a ring to the wedding.

Loretta also tracked a love-hate relationship with her husband. The film teaches us that one should never give up on their dreams. She mimicked Lynn’s voice nearly perfectly an Academy Award for her performance in the film. The teen pregnancy Australian rate is 2.8% of overall births.

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It is a story about precious starring Gabourey Sidibe, who’s a 16-year old, overweight, African American woman who gives birth to a mentally challenged child. In the teen pregnancy movies, she’s pregnant for the second time by her father and can be physically and emotionally abused by her mad mother.

But after the finish, her life gives way and therefore starts her life’s journey as a strong girl. This film can make you emotional. Beneath the impassive kid, is a curious, young lady with a strong feeling that other possibilities exist for her.

Precious doesn’t know the significance of choice, but her instincts notify her that it is an opportunity for her. Her life travels out of darkness, pain, and powerlessness to appreciate, mild, and self-determination. Precious is reunited with her first baby, which gives her hope of a future with her children.

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 How To Deal:

How To Deal, is a romantic comedy film based on the 2 novels by Sarah Dessen, Someone Like You, and That Summer. A young, higher school student with all these things going on in her own life she finds out that her best friend is pregnant.

Her mother is staying alone, her school buddies care only about soccer and cheerleading and her sister’s wedding plan is progressively taking over her life. Everything was going not so well until she meets a man who teaches her the real meaning of love. She realizes that love happens under the oddest conditions.


Mary, an obedient Christian woman, joins the school with her best friend. The film is based on an assortment of religious satire and needless to say, teen pregnancy. Everything was fine until her boyfriend tells her that he could be homosexual. Soon afterward, Jesus appears in her dream, saying, do everything you may to help your boyfriend.

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And also to rescue him from homosexuality, Mary loses her virginity to her boyfriend, but she becomes pregnant. Mary then starts to question everything that she believed. Her best friend turns against her. She finds herself alone, but then the outcasts defend it and help her a lot throughout the journey.

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Sugar And Spice:

Sugar and Spice is a lighthearted movie with teenage pregnancy as the fundamental theme. The team leader is Diane, a beauty who’s stunned when Jack, the captain of the football team, declares at the school meeting that his stage for prom king includes carrying her to the prom.

When Diana gets pregnant with Jack’s kid, the children are thrown from their homes. They move to a cheap apartment. Jack gets a job in Senor Guacamole. He’s fired, there is a financial catastrophe, and then Diane comes up with inspiration while watching a holdup film on TV.

Diane recruits her member cheerleader to help her rob a bank. The gang makes off with loads of money and observes by burning off their own costume.

Riding In Cars With Boys:

Riding in Cars with Boys, starring Drew Barrymore is a story based on the autobiography by Beverly Donofrio and her Expertise of motherhood. The film is about a woman named Beverly whose existence doesn’t turn out as anticipated. Beverly, an energetic adolescent was her daddy’s beloved.

She believed that her passion for writing would one day take her out of the little town she resides in. She meets a man named Ray and after meeting the boy, she becomes pregnant. Beverly finds herself living in a brand new home, without any money, no livelihood, a child to bring up along with a drug addict husband.

She manages to cope with this and change her very own life into something good. Drew Barrymore has given a performance as an American mother who’s far too wise to be stuck in any situation, even when it’s challenging. Teen pregnancy in the US rate is 18.8 per 1000 which is 7% lowest from the past years.

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Unexpected, it’s a beautiful movie where a tutor in a school in Chicago finds out about her pregnancy. In a few days, she finds out that one of her best students can be pregnant.

The instructor-student duo develops a bond while struggling to undergo their pregnancies. Unexpected is a thought-provoking and well-acted teen pregnancy movie.

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Where The Heart Is:

Where the heart is, drama film is based on the novel by Billie Letts. These teen pregnancy movies investigate how a kid can give an uplifting experience to some lady. The lifetime of Novalee is a 17-year-old unwed mother, who abandoned by her boyfriend at a Wal-Mart on their way to California.

She decides to remain in Oklahoma and raise her daughter. So she sneaks to the Wal Mart and resides there secretly. She discovers that a house locally with Sister Husband and her partner Mr. Sproc. An intellectual and academic guy fall with Novalee. She has to make a decision about her life.