The State of Gambling and Tourism in Portugal


Portugal is the country that has opened itself for gambling and betting activities. Before 2015, you didn’t have freedom to enjoy casino games, whether online or offline. However, today, you can use betting sites like 22Bet Portugal and enjoy betting on the site with no worries.

It’s worth mentioning that Portugal’s government includes gambling in their tourism sector to help increase their overall income. Here’s the state of gambling and tourism in Portugal.

  • Gambling and Betting Activities are Legal in Portugal, Both Online and Offline

Portugal has legalized gambling and betting activities since 2015, and it works both for offline and online gambling and betting. The offline land-based gambling businesses are growing in Portugal, and the government combines them with their tourism sector to increase their country’s income. Anyone can gamble and bet in Portugal with no problem, whether by visiting a casino establishment or by using their phone to take part in online $2 deposit casino games.

There are gaming zones in Portugal, and these zones are the place for various casino establishments in the country. These are also the zones that attract plenty of tourists in Portugal each year.

  • Tourism and Gambling in Portugal Go Hand in Hand

Portugal’s government combines gambling and tourism in their country to increase their overall tourism income. The government has the same governing body to control and manage the tourism and games in Portugal. You can also see that there are also many sporting and cultural events in Portugal designed to attract tourists and players to their country. The government ensures that both the tourism and gambling sectors can go hand in hand to help keep the country’s economy growing.

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Tourism in Portugal contributes to over 11% of their overall GDP, and combined with the gambling sector, they can contribute even more to their overall national income. It’s also worth mentioning that the government takes 44% tax for the gambling sector, which is one reason for their big contribution to the national economy.

  • Various Gambling Games Available in Portugal

There are various gambling games that are available in Portugal. There are 4 fields of gambling you can play, which are bingo, horse race betting, games of chance, and fixed odds sports betting. The games of chance you can play in Portugal include casino games such as roulette, slots, and poker. 

These games are available across the country, and you can play them offline and online. There are various online gambling and betting platforms that offer these types of games, and you can earn extra money by taking part in these games. So, it’s best for you to learn about the rules of the games if you want to increase your chance of winning in these games.


You have learned about the state of gambling and tourism in Portugal. Tourism in Portugal contributes to high GDP in the country, and with the merger of gambling and tourism sectors, the country has seen a steady growth in their national income. You can enjoy plenty of gambling and betting activities in Portugal, so take some time to visit the local casino establishments when you visit this country.


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