21 Of The Famous Celebrities Mullet Hairstyle Ever

Celebrities Mullet Hairstyle

Famous Celebrities Mullet Hairstyle

We are going to discuss famous celebrities mullet hairstyle. There is no doubt that the mullet haircut became one of the most iconic hairstyles ever. For a time, it was everywhere, crazy and fascinating. Are you remember these celebrity mullets.

Rob Lowe Mullet Hairstyle

Rob Lowe:

I Am Rob Lowe. You know how Rob Lowe’s hair was long and sort of constantly teased looking on this season of Parks & Recreation. I’ve got a mullet.

Blake Shelton Mullet Hairstyle

Blake Shelton:

Blake Shelton is shooting his new honor of being named People’s Sexiest Man Alive quite seriously. He rocked the mullet for a couple of years at the beginning of his career.

Taylor Momsen Mullet Hairstyle

Taylor Momsen:

Taylor attended the impressive opening of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 with a mullet that featured graduated layers. Whenever you go to a hair salon and ask a brand new stylist for long bangs and a lot of weathered layers.

John Stamos Mullet Hairstyle

John Stamos:

John Stamos and his mullet rose to fame as bad-boy brother-in-law Jesse Katzopolis at a full house. Uncle Jesse is front and center, hot as hell with a full-on early-’90s mullet. When Stamos’s hairdo will come on the screen every million fans concurrently screamed. It is a sexy mullet, and also the first and the last of its kind.

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Hulk Hogan Mullet Hairstyle

Hulk Hogan:

WWF Wrestler also afterward had a reality television show. Hulk Hogan used to frighten children to say their prayers and eat their vitamins. This mullet is so good since the Hulk is balding and still has long hair in the back. The one thing that is remained consistent from the Hulkster’s life was his mullet or, even more especially, his skullet.

Zendaya Mullet Hairstyle


Zendaya looked fantastic at the Grammy Awards; David Bowie motivated mullet and all. It’s possible to pull a mullet. She did her very own flawless makeup to the event, had a few haters attempting to bring her down. It is just not likely.

Andre Agassi Mullet Hairstyle

Andre Agassi:

Agassi is the World famous tennis player whose own hair made him that far better of an athlete. Great Andre Agassi had a mullet that reminds us that the fire which burns brightest burns half as long. Looks like amazing you’d find on the side of the road. Andre mullet will continually be part of his picture.

Scarlett Johansson Mullet Hairstyle

Scarlett Johansson:

The best thing about Scarlett Johansson is the simple fact that she used to have a mullet. She is stylish mullet, shown here front at New York Fashion Week.

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David Bowie Mullet Hairstyle

David Bowie:

This is Mullet nearly too much. The fashion mullets have aimed to copy; this is the holy grail of rock celebrity mullets. His music could have brought him fame, but his mullet is immortal.

George Clooney Mullet Hairstyle

George Clooney:

The most beautiful man in the world, Clooney has proved that brandishing a mullet will not ship your livelihood. At earlier, George Clooney was only a man with bad curly mullet. But luckily for his many admiring fans, he’s moved on to sexier pastures.

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Ellen DeGeneres Mullet Hairstyle

Ellen DeGeneres:

The dance was around on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and before her groundbreaking sitcom from the 90s. Show here in 1994, serving as an excellent example of the quintessential mullet. Ellen was a very hilarious stand-up comic book.  

Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet Hairstyle

 Billy Ray Cyrus:

The most renowned and recognized mullet of all time, A list of unforgettable mullets wouldn’t be full without Billy Ray Cyrus. Billy Ray’s mullet came to prominence in 1992 when Achy Breaky Heart exploded on the music scene. An extremely trendy mullet that escalated his livelihood, which can be long past, sported the best/worst mullet of our time.

Chuck Norris Mullet Hairstyle

Chuck Norris:

Chuck Norris has never had bad hair loss. He could rock the mullet anytime he needs.

Florence Henderson Mullet Hairstyle

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Florence Henderson:

A close relative of the soccer moms is self-proclaimed Mother of the Mullet from The Brady Bunch. The mother mullet is exceptional, difficult to describe, and thick on the feathering.

Kiefer Sutherland Mullet Hairstyle

Kiefer Sutherland:

Kiefer Sutherland Platinum blond mullet in the 80s the horror of The Lost Boys was so on point. Folklore says the method to kill a vampire is to place a stake in the heart, but Sutherland mullet definitely broke millions of hearts on its own.

Michael Bolton Mullet Hairstyle

Michael Bolton:

Michael Bolton thinks his hairy ears are well known for years spent wearing a mullet. The rock singer is known for his roaring ballads and, of course, for his long, smooth mullet. The singer was once famous for his flowing locks, which have been short in the front and long and curly at the trunk.

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Rihanna Mullet Hairstyle


Rihanna is not afraid to try dangerous looks, and she revealed it in 2013 when she unveiled her new mullet. This mullet looks so good; we are surprised no one tried to leap on the bandwagon. She continued to live her entire life.

Patrick Swayze Mullet Hairstyle

Patrick Swayze:

The flexible Star danced to our hearts in the 80s classic Dirty Dancing. He did not get People Magazine’s Sexiest Man because of his astonishing good looks. Swayze died in the year 2009 because of pancreatic cancer. It had been the mullets that did it for us back in 1991.

Joan Jett Mullet Hairstyle

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Joan Jett:

Joan did not really mean to be trendy, she just was. Her hair had gradual layers. Kristen Stewart would crib this exact mullet for her portrayal of Jett in The Runaways.

Kesha Mullet Hairstyle


The Kesha Mullet wig features a blonde spiky mullet top and long layered spans with curled ends. She’s horrible based on that fact alone. Based on a pop style sported by pop celebrity Kesha and perfect for the 70s, 80’s and 90’s rocker themes.

Dolly Parton Mullet Hairstyle

Dolly Parton Celebrities Mullet Hairstyle

Dolly Parton has nearly as many wigs as hit songs, but we need to call her on this Mississippi mud flap. She’s the only thing that could ever overshadow her masterful signature mullet. Dolly Parton is the single female country artist on this Most Famous Mullets list.

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