4 celebrities that are fans of gambling


When we think of celebrities, we often imagine the high life with money, fame, gambling, and fans. Gambling has been around for a long time, and more people are starting to get into it now as it is available online. Casinos are often the theme of music videos, movies, and songs, and are often present in celebrities’ lives. 

Due to the rise of the internet, gambling has also become more available for “everyday people”, as we can now gamble online. By finding a new online casino you too can play celebrity and get a feel for the excitement and fun that comes with casino games. The nice thing about online casinos is that you can play at any time you want, without having to worry about travelling or waiting in line. There is always a game ready for you to play, and you can even do so from your couch! Let’s have a look at some famous people that are fans of gambling. 

1.Paris Hilton

Starting off strong with the world’s most famous party girl. Paris Hilton is mostly known for her blond hair, risky outfit, and not least, for her father’s hotels. However, she is also quite a gambler! The socialite is often to be found in the big casino resorts in Las Vegas. This is the city of gambling, where the huge casinos are many, and the party options are around every corner. We would not be surprised if Ms. Hilton also did some occasional online gambling, as she surely has the funds for it. 

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2.50 Cent

The well-known rapper 50 cents is known for placing insane bets and high gambling. You do not want to meet him for a game, as he certainly wagers with more than his name implies. He has placed bets up to $2 million against Manny Pacquiao and San Francisco 49ers when they played against the New York Giants. He did in fact win these bets and took home the big prize. He is now known as one of the luckiest celebrities within the gambling community. 

3.Brad Pitt

We are all used to seeing Brad Pitt in a gambling setting, after watching the legendary movie Oceans 11. Here he is playing together with George Clooney, another well-known gambler. The two are on a mission to rob a couple of the biggest casinos in the world, right under the nose of the owner, who happens to be Clooney’s ex-girlfriend’s new lover. Mr. Pitt is also a gambler in real life, and rumours have it that he prefers poker, blackjack, and slot machines. When he is not in Las Vegas on vacation, he could always try his luck on online slot machines, to continue the fun and excitement outside of the land-based casinos. for more information visit here.

4.Matt Damond

Actor Matt Damond also made an appearance in the movie Oceans 11 together with Pitt and Clooney, and maybe this is where his love for gambling started. He also starred in the gambling movie Rounders, about a law student who starts gambling. Matt is supposedly great at gambling in real life as well, and is a fan of playing both poker and blackjack. If you go to Las Vegas yourself to check if you are any good at gambling, you should keep an eye out for Matt, he can probably teach you a trick or two!

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These gambling celebrities might inspire you to start your gambling career and to check out some online casinos. Here you can find a wide array of games to test out like the slots Tiger’s Claw and Glam Life, and to practise for the next time you are going to hang in Las Vegas with the gambling celebrities.

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