Celebrities that are also big sports fans


We often hear that celebrities are “just like us”. While this is not always true, there are some things we have in common, one of which is sports. No matter how big a celebrity you are, there is no denying that watching sports is one of the most fun and exciting things out there. If you are a die-hard sports fan, then you probably have a preferred sport to watch, and a favourite team to cheer for. This is also the case with the rich and famous, and they are perhaps devoting even more to their beloved teams. 

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To bet on sports

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Barack Obama
Starting off strong, at the top of the list we find the former president of the United States, Mr. Barack Obama. He is a loyal supporter of Chicago teams Bulls and White Sox, and it is not uncommon to see him in the stadiums watching. To return the favour, Obama invited the 1985 Super Bowl-winning Chicago Bears to the White House for a quick visit in 2011. Maybe he was fishing for free tickets, or the possibility to perform in the 2012 halftime show? 

The well-known Canadian singer-songwriter is a huge sports fan and is of course rooting for teams from his home country. This includes the Toronto Raptors to name but one. He is such a fan that he actually announced that he was an official ambassador for the Raptors during a formal news conference in 2013. I guess when you are as big as Drake you can say almost anything, and people will accept it. However, his behaviour has not always been that well received by other fans and athletes. He was once denied access to the Miami Heat’s locker room after a championship victory in 2013. He has since devoted all his cheering and support to the Toronto Raptors. 

Jack Nicholson

Brilliant actor Jack Nicholson is what you can call a loyal fan. He has been a Lakers season-ticket holder since 1970 and has been at the Lakers courtside for decades. He is devoting all his love and sportsmanship to the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as the New York Yankees when he wants to watch a good old basketball game. One might say that Nicholson has for a long time been a barometer for the state of the Lakers team, and it is almost touching to see him courtside match after match. 

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Watching sports is not an activity that is reserved for the famous and rich, but it is always interesting to see what teams the stars are rooting for. These people also seem to be fans of their favourite teams, and if you are lucky, you might find yourself sitting beside Barack Obama or Drake when you are there to watch your next game!

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