Britney Spears Tells Fans All is Well After Free Britney Campaign

Britney Spears

Britney Spears Has Reassured Lover’s Over Her Health And Internet Speculation About Safety

In January Britney Spears the pop celebrity set her career on hold and reportedly sought mental healthiness treatment previous month. Sparking the #FreeBritney campaign online, it had been recommended that she was being held at a mental health facility contrary to her will. Just checking concerning all of you about me. Britney Spears age 37-year-old toxic singer said all is well in a video message.

According to Britney Spears Instagram video, Britney rejected the theories, she explains that she would be back very soon and all is well. She included recently my family has been suffering through a lot of anxiety and stress, so I just wanted time to deal.

On Monday outside West Hollywood City Hall, The #FreeBritney allegations led to a fan exhibition calling for her free. In response, Britney Spears told fans not to believe the whole thing you hear and read. including that she had received death threats by family and those working for her due to rumors that were out of control.

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Out of Media Spotlight:

The Britney Spears songs are very popular, a singer who has two sons aged13 and 12. Once she announced and become out of the media coverage. She was placing her planned Las Vegas residency and the rest of her career. For the sake of her father on hold, Jamie, last year who suffered a dangerous colon rupture.

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She posted earlier this month, about the need for ‘me time’. In response to reports, that she had checked in the facility to help mental health to her process the trauma. A recent message told about her recovery. In which she wrote: “A moment for myself I am trying to take it, but the whole thing that’s happening is just creating it harder for me.

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About me, you may not know this, but I am standing up for what I want and I am strong. Your amazing is love and dedication. But what I want right now is a little moment of privacy to deal with all the difficult things that life is throwing my way. I would be grateful forever. If you can do this, Love you. Later she also posted a workout video on Instagram.

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