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Chris Pratt is a remarkable American actor. The actor has done comedic roles on TV initially, and most famous for Television performances. The actor is also known for his cordial vibes. Chris Pratt is 40 years old. By performing in many science fiction movies, Chris has shown his worth.

Chris is best known for his hit movies named ‘The Lego Movie’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Pratt is not from those people who struggled to get in this industry as he got his first chance effortlessly, but he proved to be a very promising actor. Chris Pratt net worth is currently $60 million.

Chris Pratt Early Life

The birth name of the actor is Christopher Michael Pratt. He was born on June 21, 1979, in Virginia City, Minnesota, United States. His father, Daniel Clifton Pratt, remodeled houses and mother, Kathy Pratt, worked at the supermarket.

Chris was brought up in Washington State. He went to Lake Stevens High School. The actor then joined Community College but was expelled, at that time he was homeless. At that time he started drinking and smoking weed Hawaii and was used to sleep in the van.

Chris was no less than a vagrant and before entering the film industry he worked as a stripper and ticket salesman. It has been observed from his interviews that he was happy being a vagrant.

Chris Personal Life

Chris Pratt is currently married to Katherine Schwarzenegger. The actor has been in two marriages. First, he got married to an actress named Anna Faris in 2009 but this marriage didn’t go well and the couple divorced in 2017. Chris has a son, Jack Pratt, with Anna. In 2019 he again tied a note with Katherine Schwarzenegger.

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Chris Pratt has only one son right now. The actor has a brother, Cully Pratt, and a sister, Angie Pratt. His hobbies are fishing, hunting, and working on cars. Chris Pratt is basically from Virginia. He also worked on German language and he is fluent in it. Chris Pratt is 1.88m (6 feet and 2 inches) tall.

The actor has become a non-denominational Christian. Spencer Pratt and Chris Pratt have the same last name, it does not mean that they are related or cousins, etc. it has been made clear that Spencer Pratt and Chris Pratt are not related with each other. The actor seems to be neutral if we come towards the political spectrum.


It has also been reported that the actor has donated $1000 to Barrack Obama during 2012’s campaign. The actor has transformed his body completely for the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”, as he lost 70 pounds. Actor had to take a low carb diet and to drink tons of water to get this ideal weight. The actor is also willing to maintain his weight.

Chris Pratt Career

When Chris was used to working at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant, where an actress and a director Rae Dawn Chong observed him and were quite impressed by his appealing looks. The director offered him a part in her horror film “Cursed part 3”. And here Chris started his fancy career in the American Film industry.

The actor also made his mark on television by joining a series “The Huntress”. The actor was also given a temporary role in a series “Parks and Recreations” but his character was loved by the people and he became the permanent character of series until 2015.

In 2015 the actor gave another hit “Jurassic World”, and this movie proved to be a blockbuster. His movie earned $ 1.670 billion worldwide. The character “star-lord” Chris had played in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, he played the same role in Avengers: the infinity war and its sequels too.

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Awards and Nominations

This again was the biggest hit of his career. Chris Pratt has also won so many great awards in different nominations. His famous movies are cursed part 3, the extreme team, walk the walk, wanted, bride wars, deep in the valley, 10 years, the five years engagement, passengers, the kids, her, delivery man, onward.

He has done also some projects on television which are ever-wood, the OC, the path of destruction, the batman, mom, Saturday night live.  Chris Pratt is the most loved personality in Hollywood and also considered an A- list actor.

Chris Pratt Net Worth

The reported Net worth of Chris Pratt is $ 60 million. The actor has also been on social media; Chris has an Instagram account with 28.4 million followers. As every celebrity has to face some useless rumors about themselves, Chris also remained the victim of this trend.

There were whispers that Chris and Jennifer Lawrence had a relationship but both the celebrities broke their silence over this useless rumor and said there is nothing between them. They were just co-stars.


CHRIS PRATT Net Worth | Wife | Age | Height | Movies
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CHRIS PRATT Net Worth | Wife | Age | Height | Movies
Chris Pratt net worth is currently $60 million. The actor is also known for his cordial vibes. Chris Pratt is 40 years old.
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