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How Old is Michael Bloomberg

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People want to know, who is Michael Bloomberg, and how old is Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg is an American politician, author, and businessman. Michael Bloomberg’s age is 78 years old. Michael was also the three-term mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013. Mr. Bloomberg also appeared as a candidate for the president of the United States of America in the 2020 election.

He is a founding member and the chief executive officer of a company named Bloomberg L.P (initially called Innovative market system). This company paved its way, and he became a billionaire. Bloomberg has done numerous tasks for combating climate change.

Bloomberg Early Life

Michael Bloomberg’s real name is Michael Rubens Bloomberg, was born on February 14, 1942, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. His father, William Henry Bloomberg, was a bookkeeper, and his mother, Charlotte Rubens Bloomberg, was a secretary. He got his early education from Medford High School, and spent his early years of life in Massachusetts, and then moved to Allston, Brookline, and Medford. Michael’s grandfather was an immigrant in the United States.

Michael Personal Life

Mr. Bloomberg went to Johns Hopkins University for graduation in Electrical engineering. He did his MBA from Harvard University. Michael Bloomberg education is MBA. His first job was Wall Street executive. Michael was also the founding member of Bloomberg LP and Bloomberg philanthropies.

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Do you know when Michael Bloomberg mayor of New York City was? He worked as a mayor of New York City from 2002 to 2013 for three consecutive terms.

Susan Brown And Diana Taylor

The youngsters do not know who is Michael Bloomberg’s wife. Michael got married to Susan Brown; she was British. Their marriage was done in 1975 but did not last long, and they got divorced in 1993. Michael Bloomberg has two daughters with Susan named Emma Bloomberg and Georgina Bloomberg.

After this, in 2000, Michael came into a relationship with Diana Taylor, who was the New York State superintendent of banks. Diana called the First Lady of New York City. Do you know if Michael Bloomberg married? Both are just domestic partners.

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After doing his Engineering and MBA, he started his first job with Salomon Brothers. Within no time, Mr. Bloomberg achieved a name in this field with his hard work, and they became partners. After that, Bloomberg founded his own company named Bloomberg LP. This company was the biggest break in his life.

Bloomberg is a financial and Media company. This company paved its way in the market, and now it has 100 offices Worldwide. And Bloomberg came as a Business tycoon and an American billionaire.

New York Mayor

Michael Bloomberg joined politics in 2001 and won the election for the mayor of New York City as a Republican and declared himself as a liberal Republican. Because he supported the legalization of same-sex marriage. As a mayor, he wanted to promote innovation and creative ideas in the city government.

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Bloomberg relentlessly worked hard for the betterment of the state and raised the old and medieval standards of the school. And made schools responsible for success. During Michael’s tenure, the economic growth triggered and produced tremendous job opportunities.

Michael Success As Mayor

There was the reinvigoration of old industries and much support for small businesses. There was a record level increase in job opportunities in New York City. That allows people to report crimes easily, there started a program of telephone line, and that turned out to be very successful.

Mr. Mayor’s great services in the media, science, and technology sectors are unforgettable. Bloomberg’s financial policies were remarkable. Their glimpse we can see today too. The mayor much concerned about people’s health, so he banned all types of indoor smoking. Mr. Bloomberg’s policies improved the quality of life in New York City.

2016 presidential elections Michael Bloomberg came as an independent candidate. Again In the 2020 presidential elections, he participated as a Democratic candidate but remained unsuccessful in this attempt.

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Being a businessman, he devoted himself as a philanthropist as he wants to promote social welfare and donate a lot of money for this cause. Bloomberg philanthropies utilize a distinctive approach to global change. Their main focus is on 5 sectors, such as public health, art, and culture, government innovation, environment, and education.

Michael Bloomberg has denoted $ 4.3 billion for such causes. Bloomberg also supported the school of public health at Johns Hopkins University. Bloomberg has a very productive role in fighting against climate change.

2017 when Trump announced that he is withdrawing the U.S from the Paris agreement, Bloomberg promised to provide $ 15 million to meet the losses.

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He received an invitation from the director-general of the World Health Organization to represent WHO as its Global Ambassador.

Bloomberg Books

Michael Bloomberg wrote several books, and recent is “We Build the City: NYC’s Design and Construction Excellence Program.” He was a co-author in a book named “Climate of Hope: How Cities, Businesses, and Citizens Can Save the Planet.”

Michael has received many awards of different criteria from different universities and colleges. He is one of the most inspiring people and leading philanthropists of all time.

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth, Body, Houses

People are curious about how tall is Michael Bloomberg really and how much is Michael Bloomberg worth. He is 1.73m (5ft and 8 inches) tall. Michael has attained a total Net worth of $62 billion.

Is Michael Bloomberg a democrat or republican? Michael was a Democrat until 2001 then he joined the Republican Party to become the Mayor of New York City.

He then appeared as independent in 2007 and in 2018 again switched to Democratic. Bloomberg is now a democrat as he claimed the Democratic nomination for president in 2020, though this attempt remained unsuccessful. The mayor was in favor of same-sex marriage, so there came rumors that are Michael Bloomberg gay, but Michael Bloomberg is not gay.

How many houses does Michael Bloomberg own? Bloomberg has a total of eight houses in New York. But he also owns residences in Colorado, London, Florida, and Bermuda. Bloomberg has an official account on Instagram as @mikebloomberg having an amazing fan following.