Who is Jessie Coffield-The Girl From Draftkings

Who is Jessie Coffield-The Girl From Draftkings

Jessie Coffield is a Northern Virginia local and she is 31 years old. She was a Division I lacrosse player in college. She’s a sports commentator and TV show presenter. She’s a wife and the mother of a newborn girl on the way.

Coffield’s public persona can be summarized in one statement for most sports fans: she’s the “make it rain” woman from DraftKings Sportsbook’s omnipresent advertising campaign. 

Her narrative, though, is more than just that catchy phrase. 

In the last two years, Coffield’s media profile has risen dramatically.  

Last February, she was seen in two DraftKings Super Bowl advertisements, and the company has grown in popularity since then. DraftKings is a leader in the industry when it comes to sports betting and fantasy sports tournaments. They are a licensed gambling sportsbook.

A Lot Can Change in Eight Years

Coffield’s rise to national prominence is remarkable, given where she was eight years ago. It’s been a combination of hard effort, networking, luck and being in the right place at the right time.

In 2013, she earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Boston College. Coffield had already decided that she wanted to work in sportscasting. She, on the other hand, lacked experience. She had no video snippets, and thus no reels to present to potential employers. She was a four-year lacrosse scholarship player for the Eagles, starting as a freshman defender and eventually becoming co-captain as a senior. She didn’t have the time to work for the school’s broadcast channels because she was playing a Division I sport full-time.

Coffield sent a lot of emails after she graduated. Got together with people in the industry for many, many coffees. There was a lot of guidance, but no job offers.

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She eventually accepted an internship offer from the Atlanta-based Car Biz Today (CBT) Network, which focuses on the consumer vehicle dealership sector. It was unrelated to athletics in any way. She had no acquaintances in Georgia. She had little knowledge about automobiles. But it was the chance to be on camera that she was looking for.

She kept doing that for four months, mailing reels to everyone she’d met before. It was worth it. She was offered a part-time sideline reporter role with the New England Revolution of Major League Soccer, which later expanded to include video portions for the team’s website. 

It was a step into the sports world, and it led to more work on the Lax Sports Network, which is also based in Boston. Subsequently, she was approached by DraftKings to host a new Daily Fantasy Sports show called “The Sweat” in 2018. 

It was supposed to expand the sportsbook’s digital footprint. It was never designed for Coffield to become a national commercial spokesperson.

Make It Rain

The slogan “win a daily fantasy sports contest and make it rain money” was first used by DraftKings a few years ago, along with other slogans like “the game within the game.”

“Make it rain” wasn’t meant to be the company’s main motto, nor was it supposed to be identified with Coffield in particular. It just happened to be that way.

She maintains she didn’t realize what a big deal it was going to be, or that it would come to be associated with her across the country. As the slogan’s appeal grew, the corporation and Coffield began to have fun with it.

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DraftKings made a commercial featuring her in which she explains the rules of a golf tournament. A golf ball flies precisely over Coffield’s head as she is in word two of her catchphrase, allegedly struck by PGA player Bryson DeChambeau, who apologizes for the poor drive. “Make it… Bryson!!” is what she yelled. 

She’s lost track of how many ads she’s shot in the last two years, but she’s now shooting two or three a week at the main office in Boston. 

And that’s not her main responsibility. 

She still co-hosts “The Sweat ” throughout the week, including a version that is only for NFL and broadcasts every Sunday. Coffield says she wants to do exactly what she’s been doing professionally right now – chatting about sports and having a great time. 

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