Easy And Homemade Smoked Cream Cheese Recipe Delight

smoked cream cheese recipe

Cream cheese, when smoked, turns super soft and creamy, bursting with both a sweet and spicy kick. Using a few spices and some smoker time makes magic happen! This Smoked cream cheese recipe fits great for parties, weekend brunch, or when you crave a tasty treat. 

No need for a strict recipe to smoke cream cheese. Add smoke and get creative with seasonings to savor the outcome. Start with plain cream cheese, and let your creativity flow!


Step One: Remove your cream cheese from its wrapper. Put it on foil and pop it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. This helps the smoke flavor soak in. Plus, cold cheese makes it less sticky to handle.

Bowls with ingredients:

Step Two: Pick out your seasonings. Prepare a slice of 8-ounce cream cheese in half. Use spicy taco mix for one. This mix has cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, and paprika. For the other half, go for a mix of salt, smoked paprika, and sweet dehydrated honey. Make sure to cover every part of the cheese.

Cheeses on foil:

Step Three: Slice some small cuts on the cheese top. This not only looks good but also helps people grab a piece with their crackers. As it smokes, you’ll see that melty, yummy cheese peek out.

Step Four: Put the cream cheese in your smoker or pellet grill with wood bits. Set it at 200 degrees for an hour. If you have a super-smoke option, that works too. 

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Pro Tip: Instead of foil, you can use a cast iron pan. Smoke the cheese in it. Later, serve it straight from the pan, surrounded by crackers. Easy peasy!


Simple ingredients here!

First, grab an 8-ounce block of Smoked cream cheese and your go-to spices. 

1. Cream Cheese:- Opt for full-fat cream cheese; it brings a richer flavor and better texture than the low-fat version. 

  • Philadelphia cream cheese is top-notch for this. 
  • Quality matters with so few ingredients; go for full fat without many preservatives. 

While any cream cheese bricks or low-fat Neufchatel cheese can do, steer clear of fat-free cream cheese; it won’t soften properly.

2. Dry Rub:- Now, the dry rub! Imagine the creamy goodness on a cracker. Experiment with your favorite BBQ rub. Our spice mix includes chili powder, dark brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, ground cumin, smoked paprika, and black pepper. Feel free to use your preferred BBQ rub—just avoid an overly salty one since cream cheese is already salted, and skip it in rub.

Tips for Smoked cream cheese recipe 

Here are some key tips for smoking cream cheese:

  1. Smoke the cream cheese at various temperatures, matching the settings in your other recipes. Optimal results come from smoking it between 180 F and 250 F. It conveniently aligns with the smoke temps for most dishes. This simplifies the process, allowing you to smoke it while preparing your main course.
  2. Utilize any dry rub you have on hand. While sharing a recipe for brown sugar dry rub, feel free to use any rub you’ve already prepared.
  3. Serve it hot alongside crackers or kettle chips. Directly from the smoker, enjoy it with a cheese knife and butter crackers as a spread or plain kettle chips as a dip.
  4. Avoid serving the cream cheese cold. Though some prefer it that way, the warm, gooey texture enhances the dish’s irresistible appeal.
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Ways to Enjoy Smoked Cream Cheese:

1. Dessert Delight:

Transform your cream cheese into a sweet treat by coating it with white sugar, brown sugar, honey, or your preferred sugar-free sweetener. Enhance the flavor with a dash of cinnamon, or try premade cinnamon sugar. Pair it with fruit like apple slices, cannoli shells, or cinnamon pita chips.

2. Pepper Jelly Paradise:

Pepper Jelly Paradise
Image Credit: Stef’s Eats and Sweets

Elevate your appetizer with a classic sweet and savory delight—cream cheese topped with pepper jelly. Take it up a notch using this smoked cream cheese recipe as the foundation. Smoke the cream cheese without additional seasonings, then add the pepper jam post-cooking.

3. Jalapeno Popper Cream Cheese:

smoked cream cheese recipe
Image Credit: Or Whatever You Do

Drench cream cheese in my simple dry rub. Follow smoking steps. Scatter sharp cheddar, and let it melt through smoking. Toss in pickled jalapeno slices and crispy bacon bits. Pair with Ruffles chips.

4. Mediterranean Cream Cheese:

Mediterranean Cream Cheese
Image Credit: The Slow Roasted Italian

Spice up cream cheese with Italian seasoning and garlic powder. Smoke it up and add sun-dried tomatoes and capers. Finish with a balsamic drizzle. Offer with pita slices or chips.

5. Taco Cream Cheese:  

smoked cream cheese recipe
Image Credit: Burrata and Bubbles

Flavor cream cheese with my zesty taco seasoning or your pick. Smoke as directed, then sprinkle diced jalapenos on top. Enjoy with tortilla strips or chips.

6. Everything Bagel Cream Cheese:

Bagel Cream Cheese
Image Credit: Hot Rod’s Recipes

Season with everything bagel spice and smoke it. Garnish with capers or lox. Embrace a household favorite by generously applying everything bagel seasoning. Serve it alongside bagel chips for the ultimate dipping experience. 

7. Apple Pie Cream Cheese:

smoked cream cheese recipe
Image Credit: Cheese Knees

Make the Smoked cream cheese recipe a dessert! Add cinnamon sugar to cream cheese and smoke. Layer with apple pie filling. Dip with graham crackers or Nilla wafers. A Smoked cream cheese cheesecake vibe!

8. Fig & Pecan Cream Cheese:

Coat with cinnamon sugar and smoke. Layer on fig jam and pecans. Go for candied pecans for an extra kick. Pair with crunchy crostini.

9. Bacon & Jelly Cream Cheese:

Bacon & Jelly Cream Cheese
Image Credit: Or Whatever You Do

Dip the cream cheese in my dry rub, then smoke. Sprinkle bacon bits and add your go-to pepper jelly. Dive in with Ritz snacks. Alternatively, mix bacon into softened cream cheese, let it firm up in the fridge, and then smoke it for a savory delight.

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10. Mexican Fiesta: 

smoked cream cheese recipe
Image Credit: The Stay At Home Chef

Sprinkle your scored cheese generously with taco seasoning for a zesty Mexican twist. Opt for a seasoning without extra salt and adjust to taste. Once the smoking is done, serve it up with tortilla chips and a side of salsa.

11. Ranch Rendezvous:

Infuse your smoked cream cheese recipe with a blend of onion powder, garlic powder, dried dill, parsley, salt, and pepper for a flavorful ranch experience.

12. Raw Veggies –

For a carb-conscious option, relish it with raw veggies like red peppers, carrots, celery, cucumber slices, thinly sliced zucchini, or broccoli.

Storing Smoked Cream Cheese:

To keep smoked cream cheese fresh, refrigerate it, just like regular cream cheese. Place any leftovers in a sealed container or bowl, covering them with plastic wrap. Ensure the wrap touches the cheese’s top to block moisture.

Freezing Cream Cheese:

Freezing smoked cream cheese recipe is doable. Wrap it with plastic wrap and pop it in the freezer. You have two choices for using frozen cream cheese: either let it stay in the freezer and thaw when needed or transfer it to the fridge two days before using. 

While cream cheese doesn’t freeze perfectly, if the texture feels off after thawing, blend it in a food processor for smoothness. It remains an excellent dip.


  • Put that cream cheese on the smoker when it’s chilly. If it’s too warm, it’ll melt fast. Cut and season it, then pop it on the smoker. If you’re not ready, just chill it until you’re set.
  • One chunk of cream cheese feeds about four to six people.
  • Got extra? Wrap it tight in plastic or stash in a sealed box in the fridge. Good for three to four days. 
  • Want it warm? Take it out for half an hour, then heat at 350 degrees for 10 minutes.


Creamy and luscious, the smoked cream cheese is ideal for gatherings, lazy Sunday brunches, or those moments when you crave a delectable and tempting treat! This recipe introduces an extra punch of spice, satisfying crunch, and the richness of the cheese. Irresistible, isn’t it?

Hope you have loved the smoked cream cheese recipe and found a great way to turn basic cheese into something amazing. !

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